Gary Player Sits Down With Charlie Rose

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Gary Player sits down with Charlie Rose to discuss his career.


Ernest Hendrickson says:

Player? Great man.

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Rose. STFU!

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Rose. Shut the hell up!

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Tiger ain't coming back.

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Wish Rose would shut the hell up!

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Rose should keep his big mouth shut.

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Rose just ain't that smart.

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Player is truly a fine man.

Phillip Almeraz says:

conceded ass

John Clark says:

piss myself laughing. (my father a Very poor man) who played golf!!!. what do real SKINT folk in S.A do, ski,Yachting,Polo???

Lawrence Wright says:

A class act.

Rubén Pietrini says:

Gary Player, a very inspiring men! Fortunate to meet him at Indura Golf Course, Tela – Honduras

Oscar Izaguirre says:

Hoy menla dieron la bola de golf autografiada por el mejor del deporte de golf Gary Player Golf Clinic at Golf en honduras

Denny Law says:

Gosh what a humble great man and makes so many "on-target" comments. To say in my day we had time for people rather than money, is one of the truest things I ever heard and it does summarize things completely. There will never be another "big three", but thank God I got to see the one that was.

Denny Law says:

They just don't make stars like this anymore. Wonderful speaker and a wonderful man besides being a great golfer.

Joseph Scinta says:

Love this great guy ….Your my Idol ….Black knight !

tatchy1001 says:

Has there ever been a more egotistical, self promoting, narcissistic sportsman? . He can turn any topic into being about how fantastic he is.

John Clark says:

profound stuf.Gary's great when he's not trying to be funny. & not exaggerating about his exercise . NICKLAUS once said ( don't know how he finds time to play golf between push ups & eating rasons).

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