Gary Player skewers Chambers Bay on live TV

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2015 U.S. Open


Atl Native says:

The most fun I have even being a scratch golfer is going out on a course that is just a public course not considered that nice and just having fun with my friends who can't enjoy a championship course

Elite Scout says:

Public courses should listen to Gary player!!! All golf courses in trouble need to listen to Gary player!

Anthony Mead says:

He's worth listening to. Long may he continue to gives us honest insights into golfing situations – Hey, if Gary says it's right – it's definitely so.

Jim Scott says:

I've played it. I didn't play great, but hands down the hardest thing about this course is the greens. I'm a scratch golfer and have played a few US Open/Major venues and the greens on this course are laughably hard, like miniature golf hard.

Donald Vice says:

I watched this and Gary is accurate and the course is a real h__ hole!

Joe Farrell says:

Old man yells at cloud. This course looked amazing on TV. I know the greens had problems with multiple grass species but this US Open was awesome to watch. I think there was only 1 unfair hole which was on too much of a side slope. I'd love to play Chambers Bay. Try building this course in flat Houston where I live.


What does cutting the ball back mean? I hear Gary say it a lot

Sarah Michelle Gilligan says:

Gary is right… not suitable for a big spectator event the US Open. But players who learn their game on long tough uneven courses, toughen up and learn how to create and shape shots.

Jordan Sheppherd says:

Gary Player is awesome.

Alan Cinnamond says:

Sounds like he is describing Augusta. Hypocrite.

aeromedical67 says:

This thing is an unsightly mess. It looks like the surface of the moon. How this thing ever got awarded a U.S. Open is beyond me. When Gary Player essentially tells you to fill it in and start over, that should be a clue.

Travis Peach says:

Gary is right, however the US Open is known for being brutal.

Brian Schweitzer says:

I thought chambers bay was really fun when I played it… but that’s none of my business

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