Gary Player vs Tom Weiskopf – Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf – Double Eagle Club (2002)

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David Newberry says:

Gary Player playing tour caliber golf at 67. Absolutely amazing.

jesusjr millan says:

even still this day Weiskopf is not in the Hall of Fame i can't believe that

kingshearer2 says:

They should make fairways narrower for the pro's it would make the game far more exciting,

Fooey Yu says:

Tom Weiskopf – 'Tom Terrific, Tom Terrible…. Weiskopf was INCONSISTENT !

John Clark says:

not in hall of fame??!! can't believe that!!.

RedLedOne says:

I didn't realize that Columbus was Italian.

billy wilson says:

Years ago I watched Weiskopf at the Western Open. Beautiful swing and a majestic ball flight. Also a fantastic course designer.

David Gee says:

Ha Ha Player's needling Weiskopf right at the start,

Chris Simpkins says:

yeah let millionaires play for 100,000$..

Hitman Millan says:

Tom Weiskopf should be in the World Golf Hall of Fame don't know why he is not

rich soar says:

That drive of Tom in slow motion 55:24 looks like a nice and natural way to go through it big!

Alden Moton says:

your catty and my father were friends .He was from GurtTown in NO,La.Streamline Tavern. Gary Player u in good health for your age .

Peter D says:

In 2002, Player was 67. Beyond amazing.

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