Gary Player walk through golf swing

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Marlie Chunger says:

OuT iS dOwN???

Kevin M says:

I greatly appreciate your focus on footwork in this and other videos. There is an interesting analogue in the sport of hockey. If you look at videos of slapshots, watch how the trailing leg typically slides in & under the hips after pushing off. Does this help get more 'into' the shot and around the left leg pivot?

TheXELURST says:

Hey guys I think I am prob the biggest Gary Player fan ever I have met him I was a pro for 5 years,the man is just incredible I think his walk thru is prob to do with stack and tilt although no one knew that at the time,I also think Hogan practised stack and tilt but again thats like upsetting the holy bible,just a thought,Gary is to me the greatest player who ever lived! why? because he never won a major in his own country—- think about it?

RollYourRock says:

@GolfAus Thank you, I believe I'm beginning to understand… It makes perfect sense… it's more difficult to rotate/pivot if you're moving laterally at the same time. No starting blocks, no point of resistance.

Thanks Again !

GolfAus says:

@RollYourRock for farther clarification…the right foot becomes a pivot point to keep the mass back … kind of like a pitcher in baseball uses his rear leg to load, hold and then release off later

GolfAus says:

@RollYourRock resistance….opposites….the more down pressure you have in the back foot the more the left shoulder can turn out of the way…opposing forces at work creating a power source yet still keeping control because the pivot is turning the club , not the hands and arms flying it.

GolfAus says:

@Dukeman791 I have seen video of him doing it in the 60's…so I would believe it happened for a long time…not all the time….but quite probably when he was trying to muscle something …but he knew to keep back so he could turn through and not muscle it with his arms and hands and fly them up the target line and lose his control

Dukeman791 says:

Brad…did Gary do the walk-thru much as a young player? It looks more like something he did as he got older; maybe to make up for a little loss of strength or flexibility.

RollYourRock says:

Bradley, could you please explain the connection between the pressure exerted by the trail foot into the ground and a persons ability to improve pivot rotation through impact?

Thanks Again…

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