Gary Player: What Every Great Putter Agrees On

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In this clip from his new DVD, “A Game For Life,” nine-time major winner Gary Player gives a brief history of putting approaches, tells you what every great putter agrees on and provides a practical drill to put it into action.


Strapper Nick says:

Gary Player's quest for golf knowledge never stopped.  That's what made him so successful, that and his endless energy.

justlovethisgame says:

Gary thinks he has all the answers to everyone's putting issues! Never stops bragging, Mr KNOW-ALL! It's a pity! You never hear Jack, Arnie or Tom talk like this, they are true lovers of this beautiful game, very humble and full of praise for everyone else.

John Koch says:

this works…

Zu Qu says:

Spieth putting while looking at the hole, along with Oosthuiezen doing it now too…players are making it work

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