Gary Player – Young and Old Swing Analysis

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TheNYgolfer says:

No player has ever won golfs "Grand Slam" in the "modern era of golf" . The "Grand Slam" is winning all 4 majors in the SAME YEAR!! Tiger came closest by winning 4 in a row but not in the same year. Hogan had 3 in one year and Nicklaus had 2 in one year.The most Gary won in a single year was ONE.
I have heard Gary talk about his winning "The Grand Slam" and he should know the difference between the "Grand Slam" and his "career slam" (winning each of the 4 majors in a career).
Bobby Jones is the only player to win all 4 majors in a single year. In his era the 4 majors were the US Open , US Amateur, British Open and British Amateur Championships.

Michael S says:

He's the best player under 5 foot 7

Denny Law says:

I don't care about his motion, inside track, release or whatever all the rest of the people are focused on because in the end….none of it counts for much really. I say the best thing about the old Gary and the Gary of today that has never changed, and in fact has gotten much better with age is the mans character and the kindness in his heart.
The guy has been a beacon of love and kindness to all his entire life and I believe provided himself as a role model for other golfers to also spend time and money giving to those with so much less. He's done what I wish I could have done far more of and that's make this world a better place for so many while also getting paid to play the game I love. No one has done it better, and no wonder Jack and Arnie and him were such good friends. Sports will never have another "big Three" like these men and I was blessed enough to see them for so many years
God bless you Gary.

Jack Johnson says:

The two things I notice is a stronger grip and an inside swing path versus the younger Gary Player.

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