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In this video, Steve talks about how mishit drives affect your ball flight, common golf swing errors that cause them, and how to read your shots to learn where you are striking the golf ball.

No matter how good you get, you're always going to mishit the ball to some extent. What can we learn from our clubface errors?

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les moore says:

Thanks Steve for the video, and your hunt for the ever elusive longer straighter drive. This is an awesome claim which appeals to anyone who has ever held a club. My range session yesterday and today were after the very same thing you discussed in this video. I think I enjoy range time more than actually playing and no matter how many balls I get, I always feel a little sad when my buckets are empty. I really enjoy your content and thanks again…

Seamus Toomey says:

I had forgotten about gear effect. Interesting to know! Does that mean trying to play a high draw is really only a lottery

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