Giving You the Green Light With SIM2 Driver | TaylorMade Golf

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There's no better feeling in golf than stepping to the tee with the green light, confident that you can swing away. With Forged Ring Construction, the all-new SIM2 driver from TaylorMae golf was designed to deliver that exact sensation—every time you peg it. Learn more about the new driver line here:


Bob Rubin says:

I have the first SIM Driver… best driver I've every hit. The D model has greatly reduced sliced drives.

manavs says:

0:19 spoiler alert – it wasn't a green light

Fouism says:

The SIM 2 is literally worse than the original SIM lmao

Adam Blackwood says:

What a shit ad…

Rebecca says:

Yo Taylormade, just gotta say you guys should really give me a SIM 2 driver, Thankyou for your time x

Clor Havgman says:

these taylormade ads are getting criiiiiinge as fuck

Prudencia says:

I hate that I want to buy this driver even though I know its the same as the old ones

Darren says:

LOL! Rory has got the best line that was great! In other words "What did you expect?" Well done TaylorMade!

s1dest3p says:

The forged aluminum ring will do nothing for your shitty ass swing

B m says:

I always get the red light with my M6……hate that POS.

Welco says:

$550 driver to fund these clowns. Get lost

GML says:

DJ stole the show once again

Teddy W Gardner says:

Imma wait for SIM 5 where the clib hits the ball for you and you just drive around the course ?

Mitchell Guntrum says:

TM: "Hey we're going to shoot a SIM2 spot and to make it easy, everyone only has like 1 line"

Everyone else: "….this is stupid, but sure"

DJ shakes head no

TM: "Sorry, I was wrong. DJ, no lines, but you just give a thumbs up after Rory goes"

Jordan Lentz says:

green light for my super slice

Jared Correa Fitness says:

Love it fellas! GREEN LIGHT ALL DAY!! Let's go!

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