GO GET THAT!! La Quinta Course Vlog – Peter Finch vs Matt Fryer vs The Average Golfer – Part One

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GO GET THAT!! La Quinta Course Vlog – Peter Finch vs Matt Fryer vs The Average Golfer – Part One
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Gary Lucas says:

Does Fryer take a divot with his chin at impact …good game good game ?

OllieN56 says:

That's not a Mango! It's a Papaya!

Greg Williams says:

Hang on, a couple of pros and you don’t even give the handicap golfer all his 9 shots!! Stapleford it not that’s a bit harsh!

N2Deep One nation says:

What driver is fryer using? It sounds really nice off the face

Josh Charlebois says:

After seeing the way you hit that mizuno driver are we completely sure that it wasn’t Matt fryer that stole it from the back of your car?

Playing Pro says:

Knows everything about golf but can‘t recognize a papaya??

Barry smith says:

Nice to see you playing with Andy , I enjoy watching him on his channel ??⛳️

Brandon Allen says:

definitely not a mango ha ha

okolekahuna says:

Matt, that’s not a mango…it’s a papaya. And it’s not even close to being ripe.

EdgeMasterrLoL says:

dat put at 6:50 damnnnn

Glenn Quagmire says:

Matt Fryer is so cringe as of recent. Club twirl and a “wooop” on the first is pure ?

Charlie Guidry says:

Matt with the eagle!!

Ken Attaway says:

Good fun, once again….Cheers, fellows

Evan T says:

I liked it because of Matt's eagle putt!!

Adam Carr says:

Hope Andy improves. Fare play to him for still smiling. ??

Darren Storey says:

nice eagle put matt

CptCapstar says:

Love this course. Definitely the easier start of the 3 courses

Tom Bennett says:

Play Marbella golf and country club or los Arqueros

Joe Blogs says:

I think Matt may be the new Mr 350 after that wallop on the 1st hole.

Rob Biles says:

The hare and the tortoise. Fryer off to a flyer. Come on Andy. Don't let us handicap golfers down.

Michael Bluth says:

“La qwinta” lol ?

Austin says:

Always love a good course vlog

Chicken Hawk says:

B n Spain next year have to look this course up

Jason Pollard says:

Matt with a "in your face on the 1st"…. Love it!!!!!

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