GOLF: 4 MUST DO'S With Your Driver – Backswing (With Scratch Golf Academy)

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GOLF: 4 MUST DO'S With Your Driver – Backswing (With Scratch Golf Academy)

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What an awesome day with Adam Bazalgette at the Mediterra Club in Naples, Florida!

Check out Scratch Golf Academy (if you don't already) for some awesome videos from Adam and for the second half of this video series!


While in Florida, we teamed with Adam Bazalgette, host of the popular Scratch Golf Academy YouTube Channel, for a series of videos. Adam has been the SW Florida PGA teach of the year twice, is a 27 year Class A PGA Member, was the director of the David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 13 years, and has taught numerous players that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour. Adam has also appeared on the Golf Channel numerous times. Be sure to check out Adam's Scratch Golf Academy YouTube channel and his website at

Adam and I are spreading the knowledge across BOTH of our channels. This video is #2 in a series of four all about the things you MUST-DO when hitting your Driver. In this video we focus on the backswing.

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rackum44 says:

One thing I'm surprised you guys didn't talk about in the extension is to make sure you're not reverse pivoting by moving your chest up towards the sky

matt becham says:

Well so far in the last 6 months I started watching you, I have my hands closer at address and learned how to not hit it fat by turning more, which in turn has increased my drives by 25 yds and almost two irons farther, but I still aim right and come over the top somewhat.

Ciro Ahmad says:

Hi Adam, I can’t find the 3rd video segment in this series on your channel (I’ve seen 1, 2 and 4 and they are great). Can you provide a link to this? Many thanks!

Rohan Sohini says:

Do these backswing tips apply to irons as well?

Edward Brown says:

In part 2 ..I like to key off my left shoulder passing under my chin to create a full back turn..would that be correct?..the extension move up to get the back swing and down again to complete the follow through?..

C L says:

Love how Adam has to keep interrupting to get a word in

brett coleman says:

I’m confused, are there 4 driver videos?

mucked4u says:

Not really talked about but the shoulder is always under the chin if turn is proper. It appears to me

mucked4u says:

Geez!!! what I would do to attend your two day school. Eric your the blue collar master teacher.

Glenn Watson says:

I was just thinking what it would be like to be the student these to men were working with at the same time. My head would explode.

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