GOLF: An Effortless Way To Create Compression

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An Effortless Way To Create Compression
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Everyone I've ever met in golf wants to hit the ball more solid. We interchange the term “compression” with hitting the ball solid. It means the same thing, but there are some fundamental measurable things that create compression.

There's a thing called spin loft. Spin loft is the difference between angle of attack – how much you hit down on the ball – and your dynamic loft. It creates an angle. The smaller the angle, the more compression, the larger the less compression. So, what we can control to create compression is dynamic loft.

A club has a certain amount of loft. If I do everything else in my swing the same, same speed, same everything else, but I de-loft loft the club, that will create compression and solid contact. Everything we talk about in golf – setup, backswing, downswing, weight transfer, rotation, wrist angles, whatever – is only designed to get the dynamic loft down.

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If I hold a club with the shaft straight up and down and then push the handle more forward and create shaft lean, it will take loft off. So, we know we need to take loft off and we know we can do that by pushing the handle forward. The way I do this is through wrist angles.

The left hand and left wrist absolutely control how much shaft lean I have. If I were to flatten my left wrist out and do nothing else, it creates an angle to the shaft. And if I bow my left wrist, the club head will go farther behind my hands. The more I bow my left wrist, the more shaft lean and the more compression.

In addition to that, if I bend my right wrist back, I’ll create even more of an angle. You must rotate your arms with this as well. If I do those two things together and rotate my arms, it creates a huge angle and lowers the dynamic loft.

If you're not hitting the ball solid, you should spend a good amount of your warm up or practice range session taking a short iron and going from hip-high to hip-high practicing wrist conditions until you pure the ball. Figure out the direction second.


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Matt Bonneville says:

Good vid. The trick is to get the lean and to release together. There's a real tendency to hold off and push it.

zoots15 says:

Hi Eric, really enjoying your instruction. I'm assuming this would produce a lower ball flight. If one doesn't produce a ton of swing speed, could delofting be detrimental?

Gotmoptop says:

Hey Eric, this video was a game changer for my iron shots. However, I found it more difficult to apply to my three wood/driver. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

tommy sipka says:

Eric..should these wrists moves start immediately at take away or at the beginning of the transition? Also, you said in one of your videos that you start the back swing by moving the hands and arms then the chest and shoulders. May sound crazy but what are you feeling to actually start that move? Moving the right hip, right shoulder, left shoulder?????????

Ian Ryder says:

Like your swing but I think you're over-complicating it…all that techie detail is just confusing. Could have got there with a tenth of the information

Donnie Raines says:

"FOCUS ON SOLID CONTACT FIRST"…is the most basic golf instruction of all time…yet you very rarely see people utilizing it. Golfers want to try a billion other swing derivations, but forget the basic swing concept….Thnx for the vid reminder… #FOSCF ?

BryanHersch says:

Will you take a look at my swing? How much does it cost?

James Shanahan says:

Agree. Would add 80% weight on left foot just before and at impact. This helps force that wrist angle at impact.

Ol Hornytoad says:

Skip the blah blah go to 6:00

Johnny Parker says:

Do you have swing thoughts that seem to connect method to memory?

wreckim says:

Man Eric….this drill creates some serious 'punch' shots for me. Kind of tempted to play a round of golf just overclubbing and trapping an 8 iron for a 9 etc…all the way through the round. Thanks for posting.

rbcauz ! says:

You deserve kudos as a teacher for your presentation. To answer your own question with a simple declarative “of course it does”, fixes the answer in the viewers mind…good information and a great delivery!!!

brian hutchinson says:

I am not getting any impact on the golf ball. Should I start with a forward press with my irons. I'm playing long enough now to know that my golf is shit. All I want to do is hit the golf ball now at this stage.there is so much things I can tell you about what happens to my swing and I have spent enough on prose which at this stage doesn't make a difference to me hitting a golf ball because they don't get what I am trying to say to them.all I want to do is hit the golf ball at this stage but I might have to make up my mind I can't play the game.

Dennis T says:

I’m sorry you talk to use like we are 5 yrs old, you need to get to the point faster. ??

David Lenton says:

Incredibly irritating, condescending delivery of instruction.

Orlando R. Piedra says:

Nice explanation!

Nick says:

“Wooo spin loft, like this.” ???

Choco says:

not so fast ! to acheive this position at impact there is more hidden info !

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

Wax on wax off

sensa123 says:

This is truly the toughest move in the whole swing ?

Tom Shanahan says:

Eric, this may be off-topic but I was just reviewing a book I bought 15 years ago called The Art and Zen of Learning Golf by PGA pro Mike Hebron. He takes a more right-brain (using pictures, feels and concepts) approach. If you haven't read it, you might find it interesting.

John Mackman says:

I like the split screen format which made seeing the detail so much easier on a mobile phone screen. Great video as always.

Gerard Polakowski says:

Eric knows his stuff. When he describes the faults, errors, etc they are right on if you are struggling. The best is doing the drills, getting a new feel and then the sound. YeHa!

Bigslick904 says:

Eric you're a damn good coach and communicator.

Paula Flores says:

The way you break things down is so smooth and easy to understand ?? my favorite online golf coach

Ramsay Mery says:

Great video. Good explanation as .Thank you.

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