Golf Back Swing Lesson | Proper Rotation | GG Swing Tips

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David Cataldo says:

I could never roll my left ankle like that

Kenneth McAnally says:

What a load of rubbish…he applauds the player for 'casting' his hands from the top and 'compensating' by laying the clubshaft down. If he is so good, why does he not show the player alternating target and club with each shot… happens in real golf. Anyone can hit reasonable with the same club each time and the instructor 'ghosting' good shot !

Joe Schmoe says:

Gonna get stuck more than he'd like with that backswing, especially with the driver. The more you have to drop the club so it falls on plane, the more you rely on timing to get the club back on plane. you can get away with it with the irons but when you have to execute that big loop with a driver, it's just harder to be consistent

Jack Mundo says:

As a teacher of 40+ years and a former touring pro, this instructor is top drawer. Folks, listen and you'll learn.

GNet Vids says:

Best golf video on u tube

colin boxall says:

How does he lay that club down in the down swing from such a vertical up to the top position? What’s the feel ? Like the ideas in this drill.

Bryan Begley says:

what about single plane swing? yes club comes inside on takeaway but if done correctly can hit some very good shots. I'm stuck at 10 ish ghin..I keep grinding tho its what I do

Capital Golf Exchange CGE says:

Hi. We just started our own YouTube Channel. Would love to share some of your videos. Would appreciate a Subscribe in return. Thanks. Franklin

Nick Hough says:

Haha! Great to see you having to work in the rain! Welcome to my world (Scotland!) – drop the temp to 3 deg C and add some snow then it will be REALLY like my practice sessions! Love your vids GG, my hip/leg action is coming on SOO well since I found your channel! Looking out for Jonny to make a breakthru this year!

inathaniel11 says:

How is this movement different than the a swing?

Paul Grovum says:

I've watched a ton of GG videos, but this is the first time I've heard the 'swing hard left' comment. Are there videos that go into more depth about this?

Janko Sandrev says:

Johnny’s swing looks like an old friend of mine (Jack Ferenz) swing. Both very efficient. Now, if Johnny can putt like Jack, he can play in 5+ US Opens and British Opens as well. Keep grinding!

Raza Khan says:

GG there r numerous ways to swing the club .. and after seeing all the same text book sort of instruction its very nice that after a while you see someone with original ideas about the swing…
and you're students swings also look good and contact sounds pure .. like you're approach on the swing..

Squizzy Bollocks says:

Wow, I hope the weather improved for the comp.

David LoVullo says:

Kind of like leadbetter A swing

8631oreo says:

Reupload much?

Texas Golfer says:

This is an old video isn’t it?

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