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This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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M P Downes says:

I'm 71 ( once played to 5, 43 years ago , still a mystery to me … easier courses then…flat greens) , tried some of your backswing ideas today Feb 22 2020 (rough weather). Off 18 now but wish I had seen your backswing ideas years ago. Made some shots that scared me. Might still win a second club major. Keep you posted.Thanks, MP.

Charles Hillier says:

Hei, great video.

It immediately brought to mind my cure for a horrible putting streak last summer – instead of being "ball focused", I would focus on a spot to "get the ball rolling to" (striking upwards on the ball), then let gravity and green conditions take over. This sounds exactly like your backswing drill in principle.

I am working hard on eliminating an inside takeaway, and I think this is excellent advice you have.

But what about the idea, on full swings, all clubs, focusing on hitting a "place in the sky", then letting gravity and course conditions take over?

Same thing? (I'm not liking focusing on an intermediate ground target on an approach shot or drive).

I'm talking about something like aiming at apex height, 80m out on a 130m flag, for example, then letting conditions take over. Stupid, or?

bjnwright says:

Yes, it may sound so simple that it’s hardly worth repeating, but looking at the target can have a big impact on your golf swing. For the longest time, I became so preoccupied with swing thoughts while standing over the ball, that I was basically forgetting to look at the target! As a result, I had started to pull the club waaaay inside the line on the takeaway without realizing it. But then I discovered the same principal that you discuss here while I was chipping balls down at the park. Actually looking at the target while standing over the ball and waggling the club, has ‘straightened’ out my takeaway and golf swing, because I can see in my peripheral vision that the club is going back on the correct line. It's like a self check. Infact a whole host of things that were bothering me essentially vanished overnight when I made this adjustment. Who would have thought that looking at where you want to hit the ball would make such a difference!!?? Duh!! Anyway, simple but powerful tip here.

James Fondren says:

target awareness

Don McIntyre says:

Just want to add this. One of the best things about your videos is that it calms my own swing. My faults result in less than fluid movement. Your swing is so smooth, balanced, and with great tempo. In my mind I’m you when I’m playing. It’s helped me gain confidence. I still hit that ugly duckling now and again, but I recover when I remember these videos. Thanks

Don McIntyre says:

Another great video for my game. Thanks

Wanderer says:

Incredibly well delivered point of instruction.  Very well spoken and greatly articulated details.  Thank you, very much appreciated and much added value.

João de Jesus Ferreira says:


Robert Bernard says:

The close target drill looks to be a great drill, thanks Adam.

Stuart Burgess says:

I liked this a lot but if left me hungry for more. My problem especially with the driver is getting to the top. What kind of drill do you have for the rest of the way?

Jardine Sydney says:

Both Justin Thomas and /Rose had clubface in line with spine,not a fan of toe up.I was trying to see if you rolled forearms any.i,ve been practicing to keep right palm down no rolling,shall i proceed this way.S/J.

fdllicks says:

they say "golf is a game of opposites". The more straight, you bring the club back, the more in to out (promoting a draw) your downswing is. The more inside you bring it back, the more fade-slide you have.

Jim Ferrell says:

at what point to i cock my hands at top of swing. Great video on take away.

Paddy's Bricks says:

Great drills here, has certainly helped my ball striking!??

ricky stevens says:

very well explained thank you

Mark Marean says:

Many thanks for the videos. My Slice is GONE!

After watching the video “Golf Drills for Backswing” and “Swing Plane Drills” I had a (Major) breakthrough on my swing. I’m hitting it square (not the Hostel) and the Ball is flying farther and straighter than ever before.

Pradumn srivastava says:

Please make videos for Left hand golfers.

Thomas Gaudet says:

Thanks for the videos Adam

Matt B says:

Fantastic coaching again from Adam. Best internet coach on the YouTube

Alps P says:

Ok wow that swing at 3:05 omg amazing ?

Franck9476 says:

Thanks a lot for these great usefull drills

John C says:

Brilliant, simple but so effective. Thank you.

frenchycanada says:

Nice, great exercise.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Nice to have you back – been too long!

malone77 says:

Yet again great information put in simple terms. Love the videos Adam.

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