Golf Backswing Fix

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This video will show you the improper and proper start or take-a-way for the golf swing.



it might have been somewhere in here but why does it matter that you do nothing in the first 18 inches? I guess this would be along the lines of the "you don't hit it on your backswing" argument. Why is that so important that that spot is good 1/2 a second later when impact is happening.

Elliott Parker says:

Lol you won’t take out any lamps

Bobby, I smashed the light on the fan in the living room last week working on my swing and glass came down on my head lol my wife said no more golf in the house 😂

You sir are by far the funniest golf instructor on YouTube and you have great content to go with it! Keep it up fam!

chubby chequer says:

Good to see you back Bobby not seen much content for a while

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