Golf Backswing Hip Sway Lesson

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Golf Backswing Hip Sway Lesson with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark talks hip sway with the help of s golfers who has sent his swing via his golf app for iPhone, iPad and android devices. Mark talks about what can happen if a backswing hip sway is a fault in your golf swing. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drill and instruction from Mark Crossfield.


Andrés Dionis says:

He was playing in Spain. For sure. Thnx for your tips, Mark. They help me a
lot, believe me. Cheers from Spain (20 degrees Celsius now in Madrid…)

mrtysonpants says:

Mark, I have a swing path question for you. My typical shot tends to be a
15 yard push to the right. So, I know I am swinging in to out with my face
square to that path. My miss is when the face opens and I fade on top of
the push. Would you recommend just aiming left and trying to find target
with the push? Or, close the face and try to find target with a draw? 

TrailTrackers says:

That one drill is very effective Mark. I first saw it on +Meandmygolf and
they call it the ‘motorboat’ drill. I have been very tempted to actually
install a pully on the wall, close to the floor, and get a rope with
handles on the ends to help me practice this. Hearing you offer this same
drill I think has pushed me over the edge of just being ‘tempted’ and I’m
going to do it. I’ll let you know how it goes after I get it installed.
Thanks again for a great set of tips and advice.

Diego Diaz says:

shoes I meant, but your shows are great too anyway.


Hi Mark, Watched this video with interest as I’ve just been to a Jim McLean
golf school. I used to swing similar to your explanation of not swaying
the hips at all and thought I struck the ball okay. However at the Jim
McLean school they were working on me transferring all of my weight to my
right side which moved the hips a little back in the back swing, coming
inside on the downswing to pushing all the weight transfer through impact
and through the ball (as per Jim’s 8 step swing process). TBH I’m finding
it difficult to master due to the sequencing as well as end results of
striking the ball not being as consistent as before but assume this is due
to trying to change a swing that I’ve had for 20 years I suppose. My
confidence is now just above zero and not sure whether to ditch the lessons
and go back to my old swing.

Diego Diaz says:

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shows Mr C !!!! indeed..

Giorgous George says:

Just love the way you diagnose people’s idiosyncrasies in their swings. You
never demean people, you are always positive. Would truly like to have a
lesson with you Mark! Keep up the good work!

John Smith says:

Hi mark

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