Golf Backswing: How To Coil

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Golf Backswing

In this video I show you the golf backswing coil. This is essential in creating the necessary torque for a repeatable golf swing.

Once you learn how to coil you couple it with the uncoil for a powerful consistent swing. You gain consistency because you are winding up your body like a spring. Like a spring, as you coil you get a tight wound up feeling in your shoulder area. This tightness tells you that you have torque.

The problem is, most people avoid this tight feeling as the go back by raising up, turning the hips too much, straightening the back leg, lifting the forward heel or swaying.

In order to create the torque you cannot avoid the tight feeling. You must use it to develop this spring-like effect in your swing.

The golf backswing coil is not that hard to achieve once you know how to get it and you don't avoid doing it. It truly is an amazing feeling when you hit your shots when you are using this spring-like effect. Gone this the feeling of just whacking at the ball with just your hands and arms.

Now you can finally start hitting the ball with the power and simple look of a pro. Once you get it you will never want to go back to just using the arms to hit the ball.

Do you want to learn more about the golf backswing and other swing positions?

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Mike Lewis says:

Your videos are great.  I'm am sure they will help me.  I have a very bad swing and after watching just a few of you videos I am starting to understand why.  Is there a few videos you think I should watch first to rebuild my swing?  Thanks, M Lewis, Northville, Michigan

Mary Lou Giammusso says:

I just started learning how to play golf.  I love how you thoroughly explain in detail exactly how to hold the golf club and to coil. Thank you so much.

Mary Lou Giammusso

itsleo says:

I love this guys instruction..simple, funny and to the point..I love how he with all seriousness says WERE NOT GONNA CRASH OUR HELICOPTER! Thanks Paul!

Isabel Carmichael says:

Excellent tip well worth watching. I have been "see sawing" and this clip shows how to make proper turn.

Vex Luthor says:

Your teaching methods are spectacular!! This is golf!! This is what I try to explain to my friends….swing instead of hit type of motion….you've nailed it!! Great job on all your vids!!

Doug Lane says:

Wonderfully clear and concise instruction.  I wish I had heard this decades ago.  I can't wait to apply these tips on the range.

Pablo Carcavallo says:


einer birger says:

now im gonna show you the helicopter….hahahahahahah LOL

nice video`s btw

John Hill says:

are you aware that the ignitiongolf link at the top of the page is redirected to the clickbank product "How to Break 80"?

Steven Monash 62 says:

I guess i should add one more thought before you answer = it feels counter intuitive to turn the shoulders as you describe – it feels flat and …. Help!

Matt Mata says:

Great advice and very simple to understand.  Just a question though.  Are you still maintaining the one piece takeaway or just solely focused on the shoulder turn?  I tend to bring the club to the inside really quick if i just turn my shoulders.  

Bradley Bournes says:

Amazing tip.  I was doing exactly what you said, the see-saw motion.  I haven't got to play like this yet but just swinging the motion feels much more natural.  Once I got to the top of my backswing coiling like this I checked my whole body position and it was identical to yours.  Much more natural and much more consistent motion

mobydoug says:

Great advice!  You've got to feel the coil…..that will provide the right stopping pt for YOUR backswing.  If only I had gotten this tip decades ago.  But better late than never.

Dennis Howe says:

Great video. Still working on the issue of "hitting" the ball but hope this video/lesson helps me with that.

Totelle P. Dimson says:

Thank you so much, Paul for the tips on WHAT to think. They are the perfect approach to simplify my thoughts!

SB miles says:

Great videos Paul. Who was your teacher?

Roli Rivelino says:

What I love about your videos is, whether you're telling me something new like this or something I've heard before, you just put it in such a logical way, you are that rare breed, a great teacher. 

I watched your videos about grip and the correct release, went out and practised then out onto the course and it was an instant improvement, thank you so much and keep up the excellent work!

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