Golf Ball Review – Volvik S4 vs Taylormade TP5

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►Andy Carter compares 2 of the best golf balls recently brought to market. Volvik S4 vs Taylormade TP5 Enjoy 🙂
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Stephen willis says:

I use the volvic vivid and volvic distance and these have changed my game for the best

Tony Reimann says:

I used the volvik vista iv which used to be their premium ball, for several years until I ran out and couldn't get them in NZ. I really liked the performance. they too felt hard off the clubface but I got used to it and they really performed. My only gripe was I tore the cover to shreds with wedges.

Ken Attaway says:

Another good comparison, Andy…I haven't been able to play all summer, but I hope to get in a few rounds after I finish moving…I have some Volviks and look forward to trying them out…I still like Titleist…started playing them when they were still called Acushnet…

Howie Land says:

Thx for testing golf balls, Carter! I was one of those golfers that would never consider Volviks, but I was given some Volvik Vibe balls (3-piece, urethane) and really like them. They perform great for me, though the durability of the cover isn't the best.

Adam Flynn says:

Lots of good balls out there..and alot of them cheaper than pro v1..u managed to pick 2 that arent ?
Stick to my z stars…they are and they are yummy thx ?

Crim Lad says:

Gonna try the volvik this wkend. Absolutely loved the Tp5x. Thanks for blog keep them coming. ?

Malcolm A. says:

Good vlog Andy; loved your thoughts on these two balls.
At my standard of play I can't really justify the price of them but maybe Santa might treat me; LOL
Keep up the good work; cheers!

Lars Domscheit says:

Why is everybody doing golf ball reviews now?

Dave Allen says:

My mate used the blue Volvik the other week. Didn't like it at all, found it very hard to see it down and it on the fairway! I don't know if you have tried the bue one or not?

Aj Nawabi says:

Callaway Diablo tour are my go to. I was Nike but since they stopped I started with callaway with the Crome soft and stuff not for me really but the callaway diablo tour balls are freaking amazing for me it does everything I want it to do.

Joe Perez says:

Since you've played at least 8 holes with the Volvik, making all manner of full swings, how would you rate its durability? Supposedly the cover shears easily

Bryan Thomas says:

Be great to see your thoughts on the Vice balls

Nic Mansfield says:

Is the TP5 that much better than the Project A? Im not convinced..

Charlie Jones says:

Great vid mate

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