Golf Ball Test: Titleist Pro V1 2013 vs Taylormade Penta TP5 vs Callaway HEX Black vs Nike 20XI

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tigerbalm says:

I like the penta over prov1

Brandon Skabo says:

I think that titleist pro v1 is the best ball for me even though I have a moderate swing speed

Josh Amaro says:

Hey I like that your making videos to help people get some aditional infomation on golf balls but you cant compare 20xi-x to the othet soft feel control golf balls. Thats why the 20xi-x golf ball is much durable than the rest because its a harder less spin ball. Softer feel golf balls tend to scuff up mush easier do to the softer outter layer. The 20xi is the softer feel control ball some compare it to the pro v1 golf balls which I think the 20xi has nice feel but not a ball I preffer do to its spins to much for me. I play the pro v1x enough spin around the green less spin with driver which for me equals more distance less veering off target.

Austin Taylor says:

great comparison. earned a subscriber. the swing speed and smash seem to be consistent which is important in a comparison, but what about impact position on the driver face. Where all of them pretty much in the middle with little deviation? some balls i see flew lower than others but had the same spin rate and some lower spin rate as those that went farther. so thats why i ask if you hit these balls in the middle of the face. Thanks 🙂

Kevin Smith says:

Smash factor pretty low vs club head speed

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