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Golf Basics All Golfers Need To Know | Incredible Golf Swing For A Beginner Golfer! – In this week's Me And My Golf video we give a beginner of 8 weeks a golf lesson. At first we were shocked, because we couldn't believe how good Mike's golf swing actually was for a beginner. But of course there were a few things we had to tweak, however these resulted in a massive 32 yard difference by the end of the lesson!??‍♂️

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Paul Kim says:

If you put out couple more of these live lessons you will hit million subs soon. Subscribed for life guys. Please make more.

Mike Twomey says:

Love these live lessons. I am a high handicapper and often see my mistakes in the lessons. Please keep these coming

eric chambers says:

Absolutely love these live lesson videos. No matter the experience, level, or ability of the student, it is amazing to see you working with someone real time. Very helpful, please keep up the good work!

Michael Heagerty says:

I really like this live lesson, some really good feedback and drills for beginners. Keep up the good work ?

Sam Abate says:

Is it true the lower the club like a PW, ball placement would be more at the back foot? I always hit behind the ball on my lower clubs and usually pop it up but then my buddy told me to place the ball closer to my back foot. And i started making better contact. Is that something people should focus on more? I always used to just set up the ball in the middle of my stance and i chunked it a lot and just pop it up. Now have a better contact but still learning. Feels very awkward

denisrvandal Vandal says:

Keep it up let’s do some driving and wedges.

Kc Daugirdas, composer says:

you guys should stop dressing identically, its weird

Gordon Winstanley says:

I have to say guys these are the best lessons on this channel by far at the moment amazing results ???

Locus Thomas says:

Mrs Alice Foster is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

J M says:

They have other videos that recommend the DISSOCIATION of the hips with the upper part of the body — and in the backswing they do not ROTATE the hips too much giving more importance to the chest twist (factor X) and less stretching the right leg in the backswing … here they say the opposite, first rotate the hips stretching the right leg

Paul Bunn says:

What a great swing for someone who’s only been playing for 8 weeks. Superb live lesson lads ⛳️?️‍♂️??

Llewys Rolph says:

That's excatly the video I need to watch as was finding myself swaying a lot cheers both ?

Tristan Blank says:

These are good, but I would love to see these types of lessons in tougher situations. Golfers at the beginner level I feel like will themselves in more roughs, more bunkers, and less fairways so the recoveries are really important while you work on hitting shots that leave you with a better lie.

Thomas Blazak says:

Whenever I see a PGA coach at any course working with players, young or old… It seems they are constantly talking about the theory of golf versus practical golf! You guys are great by diving right in with a 7 iron. He doesn't need to know the theory of a 7 iron, but the practical fundamentals to hit it well. Thanks

Matt D says:

As one who works out in the gym and goes heavy on squats, we're taught to have a wider stance for balance. For me, I have to constantly remind myself to narrow my stance a bit to get more of my hips engaged to rotate, and voila! Easily an extra 10-15 yards.

GR8Gamblor says:

Would love to see a live lesson on chipping. I have always struggled with consistently striking chips well.

AlKhebir11 says:

I loved the shoulder tip, alignment is something basic and should be done before his 8 weeks, and the hips ? sa that one comming a mile away! Good coaching, but the hips one h should have learned already! Hip transfer is power

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