Golf Bunker Cheat To Get Out Every Time!!

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Are you stuck in the bunkers?! How do we stop from over shooting? For those looking to improve their sand trap game, this video on Golf Bunker Cheat To Get Out Every Time!! is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. We'll cover technique as well as a drill, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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caddie22920 says:

great video Clay. my only question would be weight distribution at address. it appeared in the video neutral, 50/50. i tend to catch the ball clean. thanks.

joelliotjake1 says:

..thank you…

eric homsy says:

clay how much do you bench brother

fu19 says:

Excellent video clay. Will let you know how I get on next time I’m in the bunker.

What’s the best club to use in the bunker. I’ve just started out so a complete novice.

peter tucich says:

I catch it thin often…any thoughts ?

Joe Ditsch says:

In todays world the sand is often thin and of beach-sand quality. How does one handle that?

joanes indrawan says:

thanks Clay, for the instructions good job

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

Way too much talking. I can’t watch your videos anymore because you’re like a robotic chat box. I’m not the only commenter that has pointed this fact out. Total turn off.

Chris Hoebich says:

Outstanding! Thanks a LOT!

Aaron K says:

Yeah thanks for the tip, please keep them coming

steven hackett says:

I cant help thinking about the danger of opening up the clubface by 20 to 30 degrees. Just imagine opening the club 90 degrees, that just leaves the socket to hit the ball, every degree open the club is, reduces the width of the clubface. Is it time to throw away the standard design of club used by pro's in huge manicured bunkers ? I have used the sand iron with the huge flat sole and found it just as bad in thinning the ball or digging in. The club naturally sits well open and the instruction to us it is to turn the clubface square using the lines on the face as reference, regrip and hit 2 inches behind the ball. All this does is provide a leading sharp edge which produces the results already mentioned. What is needed is a club with 64 degrees of loft and a large sole that sits square and can be hit with a slightly downward blow to prevent the leading edge from thinning the ball, but doesn't continue to dig deeper…

Roger Savard says:

Excellent !

Gatsby O'Connor says:

I think one of the biggest handicaps most of us face with bunker shots is that the bunkers in a lot of courses are nowhere near the same as the kinds of bunkers the pro's play out of, or those found in nicer country clubs.  There is not enough sand, usually, and what there is, is coarse and compacted.  It's not nice and fluffy and deep like you see on TV.  I think different techniques are called for with this kind of sand, no?

Distinguisher 44 says:

This is very great detailing. Good job on describing it!!!

Erik Gustafsson says:

Great for irons, really bad for drivers!

NK Golf says:

great video.
great advice.
the tips were so good that the first time i tried them on the course, i broke 70 for 18 holes. 🙂

-thank you

mixter7x7 says:

good video – i also face 30-40* left of the flag, open my club face EVEN more and slice from outside to inside across the ball. this crossing slice prevents my club face from ever hanging, chunking, plugging or burying in the sand in any fashion. it produces a little r/h spin ( for r/h'er ) but the ball tends to stop immediately where ever it comes down.
what i don't like is when courses use the heavy red / more red ( not white ) sand. whole different game and much more difficult to play off of. i can generally go up an iron and hit my shots the normal length off of white sand, but have not had nearly the same success with the darker heavier sand.

Melissa mai says:

One question clay . So do u full swing or maybe 10 o'clock swing and to get difference distances do u still use the same club or switch ? I normally use my 60 . Do I use 54 to get more distance ? And the club face still remain the same even with difference distance ?

Craig Wollman says:

Hi Clay, I love your videos. I play most of my rounds at on the Black course at Bethpage. The sand there unlike any sand I come across at other courses. It is so thick and soft and 80% of my shots end up back in the bunker. I see this time and time again there with medium to low handicappers as well. I play well out of sand that other courses when the sand is more typical or even at Bethpage when the sanders are completely dry.

Thus, I haven't taken a lesson because the Bethpage conditions can't be re-created at another course with a pro. Bethpage does not have a practice bunker for lessons. Often times, because I know I will hit it fat, I end up adjusting and then sculling a ball 50 yards farther that I want.

Any suggestions short of my flying you to Bethpage after hours and practicing out of the bunker?

vimal Mittal says:

Are u hitting down or scooping the ball in sand?

Jeremy DeWit says:

Rule Question: During play are you allowed to draw the line (that you drew) behind the ball inside while inside a bunker? Just curious.

박범식 says:

your lessen is always very helpful. thanks

Nacho Diaz says:

The problem i have is that bunkers i play are like cement, i live in a place with 20 mph wind average, and the sand long time ago flew away the bunkers… when i try to practice this, the club bounces up the sand and never touch the ball normal, i just try to swing normally, like in fairway.

Jon Doe says:

trying to get (lag) is the #1 killer to all of us amateur golfers.We are not pros. CONTACT is what we need.

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