Golf Bunker Shot Lesson – Andy Patnou PGA Tour Academy

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Golf bunker shot Lesson, Go like Andy's FB Page

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PureSwingTV says:

Bunker Shot Tips:)

Dylan Mccabe says:

Gabe.. You should make a video of the WM Phoenix Open practice round if you

theMANxGOLFER says:

The lessons with certified teaching pros are great. It’s an inside view
into instruction that many don’t have access to either because of cash/time
or because the instructor wouldn’t go into this detail with amateurs.

Louie Nadeau says:


S Jan says:

What are you doing with Stack & Tilt guys Gabe?

Maxi Miklau says:

Nice vid Gab !

westonp80 says:

Dude is too tight, too much muscle…

mryak288 says:

Genuinely really useful, cheers.

Ryan Snowed says:

thanks for the vid! need help in the bunker

prorobo says:

Wicked! That facility is amazing.

Johan Sandberg says:

Great video! This helps me a lot 🙂 Thank you

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