Golf Chipping Root Challenge

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Vici Martynov says:

Absolutely love these little challenges, fantastic fun. I would always use
my “Bulldozer” on shots like that, my 56/14, I never use it as a wedge just
for escaping from rocks, roots, brambles, left handed from trees and long
grass and it always delivers ;-)

Carl Broadbent says:

What was the point of that? 

alestev24 says:

Love the videos, but I have one real problem with them: I generally watch
Youtube using the app on my digital satellite receiver or on my SmartTV,
and I watch a few different yotube-channels on a regular basis. Your
Youtube-Videos, Mark, are the only ones which constantly stop or crash on
both my devices. I can’t believe anymore that it is coincidence. Do you use
some sort of Ultra-HD which others don’t, or what could it be?

Stuart Pollock says:

Well, thats a turnip for the books

Michael Walsh says:

Marks actually one of my biggest role models. He knows how to make a living
through new technology like a boss. Social media assassin. Killah. 

SuperStevegrant says:

Twichard. The king of the short game………

Cornwall1888 says:

Mark didn’t win expect several more challenges to be posted until he does.

EddieVLRGuerrero says:

Your videos are so good I could watch them all day (and I will) :)

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Is this just a little taster for a new vlog?

Shaun Gittings says:

So addicted to course vlogs

Colin Thiessen says:

Pickard wins again!

Stephen Jordan says:

Thats an Oxymoron:)

9tube1 says:

Fun stuff Mark

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