Golf Chipping vs Pitching Drills – [3 KEY DIFFERENCES] to Improve Your Game!

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This video is about Golf Chipping vs Pitching Drills – [3 KEY DIFFERENCES] to Improve Your Game! For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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Dakota Lake says:

How timely! I am always struggling on whether to pitch or chip. Will try my 7 iron next time! Thank you Adam for another great video 🙂

cheryl breitung says:

You are a master at instruction for sure! I like how concise you are with good language.

Bob Stjern says:

One thing I always make sure of is having a good lie 😉

Martin Peters says:

Really appreciate the strategic angle, and helping us think through different scenarios we may encounter!

Ralph Brown says:

Great explanation of strategy and the pitching and chipping options. Well done as always, thanks, Adam.

West Gate says:

Really enjoyed and better understanding of the Short game. Thanks

Jarmo Markkanen says:

Good points you make. Even Phil that you mentions is recommending in his book to use bump and run whenever possible.

James Thomas says:

Wonder what the 9 at South Seas looks like these days.

Dethstorm35 says:

Great video! I try and chip every chance I get. I will only pitch from 15-20 yards or more, I just like chipping better, I like keeping my shots low, for me its the safer option.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

Most sensible, thorough, concise presentation of this part of the short game I seen so far (there may be a few UK golf vloggers should watch this too! 😂) 👍🏌🏆

bobber says:

I started using the 7 iron around the greens with stunning results. This is a great tip you have given.

Mark Twibell says:

Great advice!

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