Golf Compression Laws Series – Face Angle – Video 3 of 7

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I know many of you would love to start compressing the golf ball right away. I agree, I would be in a hurry to compress a golf ball also, it can really make this game a lot more enjoyable.

One of the first keys to this is learning club face control. How to close and open the face is something that all great golfers will need to learn. In this video we will go over this and how it can affect your compression.

Good luck with your golf game!
Clay Ballard

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11 thoughts on “Golf Compression Laws Series – Face Angle – Video 3 of 7

  1. Clay, thanks for the reply. Are there any options in RST for an angled
    hinge of more CP release? Or is that more of a keep your right palm facing
    the target post impact and eliminate the left side of the course deal? Not
    trying to get the goods for free, but want to make sure before taking the

  2. It is a very consistent way to square the face. Swing your left arm back
    and forth like a pendulum. You will notice that the hand opens on the way
    back, squares up under the left shoulder, and closes as it swings through.
    It is the natural way for the face to square. So it is less about
    controlling the squaring of the face and more about letting it happen
    without impeding the motion. Good Luck! ~Clay Ballard

  3. RST is CF. more extreme examples would be Vijay or Fowler. Hogan or Peter
    Senior would be good examples of CP or centripetal. Think of open shoulder
    and club face pointing at the target as long as possible. I know you’re not
    trying to turn the body past impact with RST, kinda a double pendulum move,
    but I was just curious if you had a more controlled release as an option in
    the system. Like I said, love everything else and use what I’ve seen in my
    own swing.

  4. Clay, I love almost everything about RST that I’ve seen in various videos,
    but the rollover CF release concerns me. I realize that distance and
    managing a slice is the driving force in much of golf instruction, but how
    does RST manage the rate of club face closure for guys who hit it far
    enough, and just want to consistently find fairways and greens. Thanks in

  5. Ok, I think I understand what you men. In RST you will open the body post
    impact, just not before impact. The release will be the same for everyone
    following the RST teaching. I didn’t realize you were talking about
    centrifugal force earlier, when you mentioned CF. Thanks. ~Clay Ballard

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