Golf Consistency | 5 Day Practice Plan

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Get the practice you need to be more consistent! In this golf consistency 5 day practice plan video, we cover methods and drills to be able to know what you're going to do to make the ball obey. Learn the feelings and motions you need to make the ball draw or fade to get rid of pesky slices or hooks. Be able to control your ball flight by making fine adjustments to your swing. Be more consistent, stay on the fairway and play the best golf you can! Learn to hit any golf shot, I'll show you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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17 thoughts on “Golf Consistency | 5 Day Practice Plan

  1. It's good you have said how difficult we may find it to hit the ball out right. Feeling fed up with my left to right shot, I went to the practice ground today trying to hit full shots that start right and couldn't do it. I decided to go crazy extreme by hitting the ball as far right as possible and the ball only went straight! Lesson booked for this Wednesday!

  2. this is awesome Clay. i like how you explain the details. so understandable. definitely one of my favourite coaches on youtube. will definitely recommend you to my mates. keep it up Clay!! we want more!!!

  3. I do not understand very well how to send the ball to the left on day 1. If we hold the club, does it go against the TSG swing shown in other videos?

    I was able to do it moving the hands faster or slower. Also on day 2 I achieved to change the paths but on day 3 things have not worked, only a few times. Most of the times was combining to make a draw. This is strange because I am a beginner and I slice most of the times.

    Another problem that I have found is how to place the face when I place the ball up or down from my normal stance, ie, should I placed in the direction of the feet or in the direction of the swing path? The full back swing should be the same in all shots or it must also be adjusted?

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