Golf Course Lesson Stover Golf Club

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Golf Course Lesson Stover Golf Club with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, James Dimond and Steve Buzza. Watch as the three professional golfers play around this very pretty tight little parkland golf course. Watch as they talk about where and how they see the golf shots from the tee with a driver, the fairway and around the greens. The three professionals are simply playing golf around the course as it is being filmed. Improve your golf game with course management, ideas on how good players are seeing golf shots along with some fun banter on the way.

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Tom Pope says:

bunker mentality show me the money and people are going nuts about some shiny bats in a golf bag ;P

Graham Streek says:

Really strange rewatching this vid today. So different from the polished lighthearted vlogs we see from Mark now. Glad to see the back of the go-pro. Mark's posture seems much more rigid in this vid too.

Eric Hinds says:

buzza looks 12

外国人说中文 says:


More golf course walk throughs? Please, it is great to watch

Daniel Stoodley says:

Quiet afternoon at work today – Buzza looks about 15 in this vid – cheered me up no end!

seamus judge says:

Buzza looks so young

seamus judge says:

5.20 Mark didnt pick his Tee up after marking a drop shot.

Nieldy Boi says:

A bit too tight for James

ordazm says:

haha a baby faced buzzboy

Peter Terry says:

Hi Mark, New subscriber. Really enjoy the vids keep up the go o d work

BillyP1390 says:

Mr crossfeild did you just hit that tree branch with your practice swing I believe that's a one shot penalty??? ?????

Algarve Golf 2 Hotels says:

Hi Mr Mark. It is nice to see you playing and the details you are giving. I would like to see you playing in one of the golf courses of the Algarve Portugal. See some pictures of them in my Youtube videos at "Algarve Golf 2 Hotels". Thanks. (Elvino)

Harry Flower Golf says:

+Gorilla James No More Stover 

zinc23man says:

Can I assume you got the free drop because the tree was steaked and deemed GUR?

meadowkg1 says:

Mark, I can't believe how helpful it is to watch you and your buddies play. Listening to your thoughts on club and shot shape is really valuable. It is stored information that I find myself accessing on the course. It also helps to see professionals not get the results they hoped for because then I don't feel as if it's just me. This is my third season. My unofficial handicap last season was 24 so I have a ways to go but I think I'll see a drop in handicap this season. I'm more relaxed on the course in a large part due to your on course playing videos. Please keep them coming.

Rick Martin says:

is everyone twitchy on the short game shots?

trextrextrex says:

Agree with Allie Ron. Would love to score Par after Par from the long tees on these courses.  Remember these guys have a job to do that doesnt involve them practicing all the time

grapedrank says:

"Calm down, Mark." lmao

Jason Haglund says:

when in doubt take a extra club 🙂

Ellis Gaunt says:

Enjoyed the video, thanks Mark

MetallicaMurderer says:

Check out this video called guilford golf school

Chris Miller says:

Interesting to see the guys play 2 iron for safety, yet never hit the fairway. 🙂 Perhaps a high lofted hybrid might be a welcome addition to their bag?

Marc Newman says:

Great video Mark, but 1992 just rang and they want their T-shirt back 🙂

Gino L says:

Hunter Mahan! Haaa

Daithi G says:

should always take an extra club when faced with fairway bunker approach shot as amateurs are inclined to take more sand resulting in loss of distance

fuugsyghsgl says:

Have you ever hole in oned mark crossfield

donballe says:

So when is part 2 comin up?

Dean Potter says:

Jack Whitehall's got game.

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