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Darren Muir says:

Great video again Liam your channel is without a doubt the most entertaining golf vids on YouTube and you deserve all the success with it makes me want to get out there and start practicing just need to get the all clear from the surgeon guts ACH all the best fella

alex macfarlane says:

One of my favourite videos

Bing Os says:

Can I add my thanks to you and your mate Roy Chubby, firstly I am built like Roy and have watched his swing, as he is a 3 handicapper he must know a thing or 2 about golf, today I had my best round in ages trying to copy him & his style, also to you for mentioning Moe Norman and his 1 plain swing, I have heard of him but his method seemed to make sense certainly to me. I am a 67 yr old ex 2 handicapper with a bad back, so your efforts are very much appreciated, good luck to you and the new addition to your family moving forward and keep making us laugh – Kind regards Tony, Southport Lancs Go Golf Mates

alan carlyon says:

Liam your holding the club to far up the grip, unless you have long fingers as that part of the grip is the thickest bit, leave an inch or two at the top of the grip, swing through with the hips before your tits, then you will be thrilled too bits!

alan carlyon says:

Wow we can see what your Dad thinks of you, not one but 2 two's, what about that then Liam – over too you!

jay carter says:

“Coz I feel like a pikey” ?? GOLDEN!

Rod Kelly says:

Stu has a great swing I could watch it all day

Michael Parrish says:

Best vlogs on You Tube, you keep the fun in golf!

Jon Cocks says:

Thought you said winders. Not windows

ivor bell says:

Did your team win,,be nice to know at end of vlogs how you came on!!

ivor bell says:

Did your team win? ps good vlog good watch .

Gary Elstub says:

Quality golfing golfmates ??

sean Healy says:

Sean Healy: Well done Liam I always enjoy your videos. You should come over to Ireland and play some of the fantastic courses we have over here.

Tom Elsdon says:

16 my arse , give him a mask ,, bandit boy ?

River Downs says:

I think Windows is fudging his handicap a bit.

Luke Webber says:

Liam… where do you play? Would love to get a foursome with you, the dick and the legend omp

Barracatcher says:

HAHAHAHA @ Winda's, Im pulling us outa the shit!
Must say to you Liam and crew , this is the the most represntitiive golf channel on the NET, let alone YOUTUBE.
Refreshing to see REAL people doing as REAL people do on the course.
Its about good time spent with good mates, a good laugh, and above all fun, regardless of how seriously you want to take your game.
However, I have a very serious matter to raise with you.
I am very concerned at the lack of beer consumed by yourselves while playing. Over here in Australia, allot of beer tends to be consumed
while playing the game,,,,,,, well at least when I play anyhow. ( In hindsight perhaps that is the reason I could never get under a 15 HCP)
But I digress……. Is it a rule in the UK that "thou shalt not drink beer whilst on the golf course"? or is it just a matter of you lot being
a little on the soft side? Just saying………
Any how, great work from all involved, keep it up, its great to have a laugh with likeminded ratbags!!
Would be great to see you over here some time , in the sunny state of Queensland, around the Mackay/Whitsunday
region, which is where God himself comes on holiday.

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