Golf down swing & impact position of a golf professional with this simple drill

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Larry McCraw says:

Do you advocate a cupped, flat, or bowed lead wrist at the top of the backswing?

Anders Grönqvist says:

Why is the ball on your right foot

Munz Abdulla says:

Great video! The position of your hands in the drill is dead on if you are a rear anchor player, meaning that you swing around the right side. If you are a center anchor player, swing around your sternum yor hands should be in front of your sternum. If you are a front anchor player(left hip) your hand position should be in fron of your left heel.

Debbie Kelly says:

Excellent instruction!! I really enjoy your videos.

William Wilson says:

I think this would have been a bit more what you want if you had incorporated your lesson on a flat left wrist at the top of the backswing and the related/subsequent downward motion. It looked like your slot position had a slightly flexed left wrist rather than flat or supinated. Does that make sense?

Frank Pugh says:

This video was a good simple way of looking at how to generate lag. I have been fighting to do this, and this simple view has really helped me get a handle on this. I have watched and read many articles about lag and how to start the down swing and this was by far the most helpful for me. As an addition to this, grip pressure has a lot to do with the ability to make this work. I have to make a conscious effort to reduce my grip pressure and allow the club to snap at the bottom of the swing. The combination of how to start the downswing that you discussed and lower grip pressure has added a bunch of distance to each of my clubs. Thanks.

Mark Randall says:

Get the hips and lower body moving and turning back towards the target before your shoulders and arms have finished the backswing (but make sure they still finish the backswing!), and you'll never cast the club again.

TeddyCavachon says:

Enjoy your videos and find them very helpful. Another way I learned to prevent casting is to visualize keeping the butt end and shaft of club pointing down towards the ball. Learning how to fire hips just as shoulders, arms and club stop moving up (magic move) which increases lag at the start of downswing also makes it easier to retain it on the way down and avoid casting. Throwing golf balls side arm towards the ground is also a good way to groove the feel and understand the right arm biomechanics.

bloatedman says:

I think you are correct but I always felt that not getting a bent right elbow at impact was caused by being afraid to pivot properly onto the left foot and you can't release properly unless the weight can set on the left foot. One will throw away the club too early from the right foot. The transfer of weight is like a dance step and there seems to me that there is moment of out of balance/control that is very difficult for many people (myself included). Causes weight left on right side, fat hits and other problems, just sayin'. 8- )

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