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joe vona says:

Bobby, how does a full wedge shot differ with the 2 o’clock drill

beltunaman says:

Bobby, how do you keep static while you wait for your arms to drop?

Kort Kleinman says:

I used this drill today while I played. I shot even on the back and hit some monster drives.

Scott Sanders says:

2:00 = major flip…like the concept to help w/ OTT, but the hands need to be in front of the left leg at impact

Keegan6 says:

Great drill…… my over the top move has decreased steadily as I practice this drill. Still get the occasional pushes to the left, but not near as often. The banana is completely gone though. This has really helped me get the club face closed to my path.

Quick Fix Golf says:

Thanks John! I've been wanting to go to New Zealand for the longest time. If I go I'll let you know so we ca play some golf.

kiwijohn01 says:

hey Bobby 😊 watching you here in New Zealand. I'm sold…you're my guy. So can you tell me I was always told to turn my shoulders to the ball then through to the finish ??? I've been over the top for years ! you're a life saver man 🖒

Paul Williams says:

Love your work Bobby. Is that why Mr Nicklaus used that chin swivel before takeaway?
The softer I try, the easier the game becomes. The downswing is a happening. The clubhead heavy like an axe will do the work if only I let it

A A says:

Wish someone told me this few years ago.

Rick O'Shea says:

Did you record this with a Casio digital watch from 1976?

Ian L says:

Finally! I found it!

1cleandude says:

Bobby, great drill and lesson!  However, now that you are in your refined physiquc, could you possibly film the drill again for the purpose of better replay quality.  The one above is out of sync and doesn't represent your lesson well.  Still love you though!!!

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