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Philip Murphy says:

Watched this after watching your vid on tennis and golf similarities now im confused and ready to give up

vimal Mittal says:

I like it when you say BOOM!

MJB7322 says:

Bobby, how does your statement about "your bellybutton facing the target (in the downswing)" square with your advice in your "How Lag is Produced in the Golf Swing" video where you advise to keep your chest facing BEHIND the ball and that the arms need to win the race to the ball.  These two bits of advice seem to be contradictory.

Silver Cart says:

Does this contradict the 2:00 drill?

JohnD says:

BOBBY>>>> i know you did this in 2013, but look at the lines on your SHIRT… they line up the correct way.. .like one the down swing!

Dan Delehant says:

Is this movement applicable for FW metals and driver too? Great demonstrations, thanks.

MrAudiopost says:

I thought you said we weren't supposed to turn the chest to target and swing the arms or pull the arms down ?(ring bell)

Ira Shoff says:

Thanks for these "turning" lessons. I thought I was turning enough. Now I know better.

citysmasher2 says:

Right shoulder must be lower and closer to the ball at impact than address because the right arm and right hinged wrist are much shorter than at address. Absolutely correct.

vimal Mittal says:

Backswing does not make sense because that stick in ground is way higher above ground instead club is supposed to be on ground then go straight up not horizontal .

ge10good says:

I lose my shoulder tilt on my backswing, so i don't think i will be trying this drill, but have learnt a lot from Bobby's videos. I have dropped my handicap from 10 to 6 in a year, so thanks for the drills bobby

Simba3Peat says:

Thx for the Video, but a little miss leading commentary. My path started coming in more under the plane when I started resisting the tilt for left shoulder when I started the Downswing. This help my BallStriking tremendously. Thx?

Robyn Brown says:

Hi Bobby, greetings from Australia. I have been trying to digest both the shoulder drill turn and the hip turn drill. Are these turns executed simultaneously? I've really worked hard with the shoulder turn, and at last, I think I'm beginning to grasp the concept. However, I seem to be pretty stationary with the hips only using them on the downswing. Back to the training video. Not for the life of me, am I able to to pull the club down, I can't see my angles, so I think I'll take this problem with me to a local teaching professional. I am absolutely intrigued by your video lessons, all of which are very easy to understand, but made hard by the uncoordinated people such as myself. But we will succeed, just a little slower than others!

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