GOLF DRILLS: How To Hit Your Irons Farther (DO This…NOT This!!)

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This video is aboutGOLF DRILLS: How To Hit Your Irons Farther (DO This…NOT This!!). For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner!
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
✅ Conducted corporate outings all over the world
✅ Numerous appearances on Golf Channel
✅ Taught numerous that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour


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Edward Brown says:

Great video Adam..very good inpack have alot of great video..thanks

Patrick Wyatt says:

Great teaching Adam! You’re my golf Pro!

Russell Smith says:

Really enjoy your videos Adam ??️‍♀️

Robert Dore says:

I like the way you explain things in such a simple and concise way, I only wished you were in or near London 🙂

Tone Fingerz says:

What is crazy is ive always shot about 90. I found some spalding irons maybe 15 years old and shot 75 twice with them. Ive had 1000 dollar clubs and these 50 dollar looking clubs are so much lighter then any iron ever and maybe its the hozel angle and toe shape n material but these clubs are 80 percent better so consistent line and any iron goes exactly how far and line i want it to with like zero effort. It is truly bizarre. I really thinknit because of how much lighter they are. Idk but i immediately noticed how deadly they were chipping 6 7 8 9 around yard and played with them twice and shot 15 strokes better the 1st 2 times then all the times i ever went. If u dont think finding the right weight clubs type shaft and hozel angle and material matter then your truly missin out. Price is no importance. These spaldings were prolly 50 dollars 15 years ago and its stupid how much easier and deadly these things are then my 1000 dollar titlests. I found a cheapsuper lightweight driver amd hit it perfect almost everytime compared to my 400 dollar taylor made that always in the woods. Before any instruction find clubs that chip exact line and distances it feels it should with like 6 thru P just chipping with them make sure there sweetspot line is perfect and distance is exactly how it feels before u even do a full swing. Then get those clubs and worry about instruction. Ive watched instruction 10 years and couldnt break 90. Found light clubs that fit me and instantly shot 75 twice in a row. Find the right clubs ladies and gents. Find them by chippping 20 percent power and make sure go exact distance and line naturally with no effort. Then buy those. Price is no importance what so ever

laurent maroni says:

thanks a lot for all these videos and thank you for the golf lesson last month omar , france

Don Emigholz Jr. says:

More or less a random word generator. Delofting? There is a secret to hitting Irons farther but this is not it.

emerald200358 says:

Great video Adam, thank you! This helps explain for the first time why I get a lot of height but I am lacking distance on my irons. I will work on correcting this as soon as I can get back out to the range.

Justin Thompson says:

Rosie is steep so he exits left to counteract that

Jeff Stern says:

Adam, Although you made a solid point regarding having the shaft ahead of the ball through impact, you did not mention that a golfer also has to accelerate release of the forearms & wrists to impact the ball square to target. To put most players into position with some shaft lead without speeding up the release generally results with a strike of the ball with the heel of the club well head of the toe, that's a hard push with leaving the face so open at impact. I urge a folow up presentation to cover how to speed up the release in order to strike the ball to square the club face through the impact zone for gaining more accurate yardage gain. Props for your pace of explanation. Made digesting your methodology easier.

lovetogolf says:

Hey Adam! When hitting the 8 iron when u did , is the ball position like a 5 iron from what i seen?? Is this to compensate for body movement and weight on your lead side when hitting threw the shot? Thx Steve

Henry McKenna says:

Very good tks.

af jeffri says:

Thank you for sharing great videos. ?

Joe Smith says:

My game is strange. My irons are quite long (180 7i, 190 6i, 200 5i), but my modern drivers only carry around 225. I have no idea why. Always been that way. I hit a nice high push draw with every club, but the driver (many of them) is just dead. I’d rather just crunch a 3i out there. Even in the simulators. 200 yard 5i, and 220 driver. WTF?????

alaninnh says:

Until now, I thought hitting down on the ball required a steep downward swing.

Travis Craven says:

One thing you were consistently doing well that is most important but you didn’t mention was after your weight shift to left you pushed your left leg straight back. That is what creates the forward shaft lean.

Sean Lee says:

Thanks for the tips my friend

TrojanMars1 says:

Fantastic video and explanation, Adam! Thank you!! ????

Neil McCallum says:

It’s further, not farther…..

Bobby S says:

lol….I would come over the top and send that alignment rod downrange.

Saad Sajidul says:

Hi, I used to hit hit my irons long, but now it is going up in the sky and the distance is still ok. But the wind is affecting the high flight. Any way to control the flight??

John Creet says:

Nice idea showing the club and ball on a table; it makes it very clear.

Ashu Chauhan says:

Hey, I'm a teenager who's just beginning golf. I've watched most of your videos and went golfing for the first time a few days ago. I was unable to hit the golf ball consistently no matter what. I go golfing with my dad, uncle, and cousin, and they all said that I was swinging way too fast and losing control, and when I do swing slower, I can hit a very straight and nice shot with solid contact, however I keep feeling like I should be hitting it much further. A 7 iron will go around 90-100 yards for me while swinging fairly slowly. Just curious as to if you have any tips at all! Thanks!

bbq bob says:

I watched and absorbed a Greg Norman video many years ago.
With his advice, I only carried irons in my bag and consistently outdrove fellow golfers, one of whom was a pro, with a 3 iron.
Greg's advice which I frequently practiced, also gave my game a 'draw', much to my opponent's dismay.
So I have only this to state: "It is only your mind which either holds you back …. or propels you forward".

The Mock Commentator says:

Possibly the best in the biz at dumbing down technical advice. Enjoy your teaching ?

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