Golf Drills To Stop Overswinging (PERFECT BACKSWING!)

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This video is about Golf Drills To Stop Overswinging (PERFECT BACKSWING!) For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner!
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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Golf Drills To Stop Overswinging (PERFECT BACKSWING!)

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Todd Goldsmith says:

Good morning Adam!!! You suggested this upward push drill for me in a one-on-one lesson last year. It occurred to me that when I am doing it, as in my actual golf swing, I felt I was pushing more with my left hand to get wrist hinge. Should I start making the change? I can definitely feel the difference. Thank you.

Alan Davidson says:

Worked amazingly for me, 1st range session I pretty much stopped over swinging. Tighter dispersion and better flight. Only thing is I lost about 8/10 yards on most irons. Put this down to not feeling comfortable as my old swing. I'm sure distance will come like my old swing, you think?

a2fitness says:

Great Video. Ive been working on this exactly for a year now. Its getting much better but I gotta stay on it cuz the over swing tries to creep in once in awhile.

Inha Park says:

thank you. you gave a clue to fix my right elbow squizing at the back swing top.

Joe Massimino says:

Great video, this video and working on the drills have helped me with overswinging. Thanks

h sinninghe damste says:

AI like all your video’s. You are a great teacher!! Thank

yanksrule311 says:

Another excellent video, Adam. What else can we do to help keep these great videos coming? So generous of you to share your knowledge…would really like to help. Thank you!

Michael Lacey says:

Great video Adam. I loved when you played Sylvester Marcus in Its a Mad Mad World.

Ray Manbert says:

Most people have too narrow.a stance at address and to.a degree might in.courage over swinging on.full swings. Dustin Johnson.or Rory.McIIroy as too example.of having a wide and stable base prior to.swinging. Justin.Thomas would be.another.example of their base!!

James Kennerley says:

Great video and tips! Overswing is one of my main faults so looking forward to testing these drills out.

Lance and Delrae Benson says:

Adam with your videos, my game is getting better. The fluent motion of the backswing and follow through, seem to take me out of position if I rush it either way, it try and muscle the follow through.Your swing is very fluent , can you hit on this subject again sometime with a drill for both directions of the swing? Thank you again for your wonderful instruction.

Ak Gh says:

Nice, tips, two,
Very helpful to learner…
Thank you…

Ryan Fagan says:

Another good Video. Something we all need to take away from watching Adam, is that swing tempo.

Walter White says:

Me: ahh finally refreshed on the key fundamentals of the perfect swing and hit. Should shave some strokes off my game.

Me on the course the next day: mother f*@king goofy ass club not hitting the damn ball straight!

Ihab Hassan says:

Thanks for making it simple
Great way, I’m going to do that drill
This morning.

Lance and Delrae Benson says:

Thank you Adam!

intelligence wisdom says:

So does Freddy Couples overswing?

MidLifeBiker says:

As a righthander that plays lefty I really dont know what my trail arm is offering to the swing. Im hitting ok as a mid to high handicapper, just have to strengthen my grip with the driver to stop big slices. Im probably pulling the club with my lead right hand. Should I exercise my left arm by trying to hit the ball without using my right or just keep practicing/playing with both? Single hand right, both left, have been all my life.

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