Golf Driver Drills – How To Hit Your Driver Longer [MUST SEE!]

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This video is about Golf Driver Drills – How To Hit Your Driver Longer. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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Dakota Lake says:

Thank you for another great and inspiring video…. will try to really stretch next time!

marty maness says:

The disassociation I find at the top of my swing is when I loosen my grip before I start my downswing.

Alan Sunshine says:

It is fun out on the golf course. Thanks for your uplifting and positive approach to improving our golf game!!!

C K says:

Adam, it seems that your "side bend" in the downswing contributes to that club path going "up" and the hand position you talked about. Am I correct?

Steve Smith says:

Fun is the key word till you get in the Tall timber 4 holes straight, then its ^&%$#(), thanks for the great videos. I'm trying to play again after years of not playing.

Magnus Nilsson says:

Great tip as always Adam. My challenge is to find the rythm without excessive flip of the wrist in the release. Maybe i should consider a driver with a heavier shaft/higher swingweight?

Todd Goldsmith says:

Great video as always Adam!!! Your SGA lessons have helped me tremendously!!! I managed to get an evening round in this week at a shorter Par 68 course…managed to score a 70!!! Not perfect with some misfires, but managed my game well in my opinion. Thanks again!!! Best Regards.

stylz1 says:

Clear and concise. Great content as usual.

greg papa says:

You wake up early also

Jayden’s Good Times! says:

Love how you make drills easy to understand. My six year old son and I watch all your videos. Check out his swing at
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