Golf Driver Lesson – How To Gain Distance

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Golf Driver Lesson – How To Gain Distance

I recently had a gentleman contact me for a driver lesson. His goal was to get 20 more yards. Once I met him, I asked if he would be okay with us putting the lesson on video. He agreed, so here are the results.

So many golfers are trying to hit the ball as hard as the can with their arms. This is what this gentleman was doing. Although it feels great to hit hard, you will not get the distance l if you keep doing this. There is a different way to hit the ball. This different was is with your body not solely with you arms.

Once we loosend him up, and got him doing the follow through position I teach in my book and video series called The Body Swing, he started to increase his clubhead speed, ball speed and dramatically increase his carry distance.

If you would like to reach your potential then loosen up your wrists and start using your body to hit the ball. There are new feelings associated with this type of swing that you need to get used to so make sure you repeat it over and over until you trust the new feelings. You will be glad you did.

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12496 says:

Great video! Hopefully we will be see more soon, Ty …

TheBagBalm says:

I turn first and then swing it like a bat.

John Dunbar says:

this guy must be loaded. a four hour lesson ain't cheap and where do you find a solid gold driver?

Richard Lowe says:

I didn't recognize Paul without the red shirt ? Great lessons Paul ??

Lawrence MacDonald says:

Tension is a power killer Paul you are one of the best teacher excellent video

FairwayJack says:

1.44 smash factor is good …

Ben Jonson says:

4 hours!! …couldn't last through a 4 hour lesson…liked the results..

Rick O'Shea says:

Turn your cell phone off during lessons…..and on the range…..and definitely while you're on the course!

komplex says:

man you're method is amazing, I'm in Spain and I've tried to apply some of your technique at the range, and saw immediately how efficient it is, also my back was relieved. If i go to vegas next year I'll try to book you for a lesson! cheers!

George Pasino says:

4 hours is a loooong lesson but with great results. Liked the video Paul.

Erich Leopold Golf says:

I think it all has to do with the face at the top of the backswing, if you look at the beginning the face was way open at 7:29 and at then as he started to close the face a little at 7:54 and at 9:35 (215 carry) his shots were better, if he were to close the face (square the face in line with this spine angle) even more he would hit even further. I think the body reacts to the position you make. Good job Paul!

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