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Golf Driver Reviews New Ping G425 Drivers LST MAX SFT. Mark Crossfield has his hands on the latest Ping Golf drivers, the Ping G425 LST, Ping G425 Max and Ping G425 SFT. The latest Ping G425 Drivers from Ping come as three separate heads, one for low spin, one for maximum MOI and one to try and straighten out those banana slices. Will the new Ping driver be one of the best golf drivers 2021 and even one of the best Ping drivers ever. This golf driver compare will be looking at looks, feel, dry ball data and strokes gained numbers which Ping drivers usually perform very well in, with a special game to see which one performs best under pressure! Enjoy the video and make sure to leave a comment below.

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David Robertson says:

Decided to upgrade after having Taylormade RBZ driver for a few years. Bought the G425 max. Have only played a couple of rounds but initial thoughts is there is not a major difference in distance however forgiveness appears to be on a whole other level. Have hit so many fairways, even with shots that I don't feel were great, with very little drop off in distance compared to good drives. Pleasantly surprised with consistency

David Stanosz says:

In ancient times, late 1960s Hogan golf introduced a driver with the "Speedslot" to improve aerodynamics by carving a slot front to back on the toe end of the club, just a few years ahead of the rest of the industry

mark c says:

I currently game the 425 Max 9.5 degree. I tried the LSt and could not be anywhere near consistent enough to make it playable. The same strike on the max stays in the Fairway or just off it as opposed to the lst being just a massive miss & drop off in distance. It is definitely louder which took some getting used to but not that big of a deal

Stan Getz says:

who cares about the sound if goes straight and long

Robert Simpson says:

Tensie Orange shaft X Stiff, 9%, Standard flat lie setting, weight in heal. Great push draw bombs. My favorite driver by far.

stephen denton says:

Mark you are a data man I want to buy a g410 do I go sft or plus? Shot scope data for last year was let 12% fairway 51% right 37 % please help.

Michael Bateson says:

My first ping driver will be the g425 5ested one and it was head and shoulders above the likes of sim2 mavrik, titleist etc. Brilliant club.

Stefno86 says:

Ordered my Ping g425 max on Christmas eve…and a ping g425 3 wood….and a set of p790 irons …..,cart and bag…..hurry up delivery driver!! 😊, still going to keep my G10…just incase it wants to go back into the bag 😉


You said you can't get the faster club head speed with Ping, try a different shaft they offer several different shafts for those clubs!
I tried out three different shafts one that was 65gR one that was 60gR and another one that was 40gR FUJI AIR SPEEDER and a 55gR ALTA CB which was the best one for me and I got 10 to 11 more yards in the others out of it!

Progpuss says:

I love my g15 but it's time to upgrade so still looking at ping drivers this looks very good

cadwell Collins says:

whats the best in your opinion the original 400 max or the new 425 Max?

Rob Cheshire says:

Just bought a G425 max 10.5 degrees regular shaft……..Could never really hit a driver but this is so easy to hit…….

Tommy Boyd says:

Such a shame they sound awful

UdoU says:

I still use my g20 daily and may have to give this max a try. I’m 62 and consistently hit the g20 with a 9.5 loft stiff shaft down the middle @250 yds.

Iain says:

I think the MAX won all three drives on distance alone. Just bought the G425MAX so I might be biased. Great video again Mark.

DadThumbsz says:

Just ordered mine moving from the sim. Felt like a tour pro on the range, was getting away with all sorts of strikes. Love PING

Blind Squirrel says:

I currently hit the Ping i20 driver. These and the G410 are on my list to test.

Jeff Englund says:

To me based on the video sound, the max and sft sound better than the lst. The lst sounds higher pitched to me. Anyway, I have the G which has been a great driver. Considering getting fit for the G425 but will consider Sim2 and Epic Speed as well.

cat man says:

Just tried the 425 last week at demo, could hit it well, im not surprised, i cant a lot of clubs

Ryan Deery says:

Taken the max. Arrives in two weeks. Just couldn’t let the extra forgiveness go with such good results and not a huge difference in spin numbers. Nice work Mark. UPDATE : 28/7/21. Absolutely loving the max. 😍

Ben Atherton says:

just got the LST – love it

J. Christian Larsen says:

I just switched from the Cobra F8+ to the G425 LST. The major difference seems to be dispersion with the Ping.

Scott Brodie says:

Currently playing Ping G410 plus. Looking at upgrading to the G425 SFT.

George Anglin says:

I have used ping 400

E.David Johnson says:

Yes, I'm a Ping Fan Boy My entire bag is Ping except for my Scotty Cameron putter.

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