Golf fails

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Travis Sherriff says:

The blog was great and this is required viewing for all us hackers. I was just complaining to my club pro yesterday how inconsistent I have been from hole to hole this year and this has brought me back to reality!

Calypso AirFPV says:

you gotta love Adam Scott's composure. despite such a bad hole for him. He still comes out a winner for me as a result!

Aspect says:

2:30 was the funniest one

Cana Dude says:

2:31 LOL Was that a 6 putt? Then the announcer at 3:08 "I''m not sure what to say" I nearly pissed my pants from laughing.

Bud Grant says:

This video sums up how I play golf every Sunday.

Ross Headley says:

painful to watch

goneflying140 says:

They are human….

Daniel Meister says:

Gotta feel for Sergio

Barry Smith says:

I loved this Video

Barry Smith says:

I loved this Video

Steve Runyon says:

Tiger Woods has hit many Skanks in his career.

Steve Runyon says:

Dougie howser is such a flaming liberal ass hunter.

Washipig551 says:

That ball was checking out 4:08

Irufushi says:

The dreaded shanks, enough to make a grown man cry.

Cole Brooks says:

I've played Isleworth where tiger duffed the two chips, and I legit got up and down from the same spot ??

The Senator of the North says:

15 stimp with that wind? Even though Garcia failed at putting.. the greenkeepers are the ones that really failed!

Jacob C says:

0:49 Just did that today!

Yeggster Shane says:

Soon as you filmed from a TV screen??? Sorry!!! .. thumbs down!!! …

Arsenal125Foward says:

What a bunch of bitches

Notorious Nate says:

What fails? That's how I play

Steven Kingston says:

that was a shank, that was a dead shank, just a shank, dead shank

Jerrod P says:

I see nothing wrong with these shots.

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