Golf Follow Through Drill

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Swing Follow Through Golf Drill – Golf drill that promotes a good finish position in your follow through that feels natural and stable for your body type.

► Follow Through Drill – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– The position of the follow through is not as important as other key positions of the golf swing. Different types of bodies promote different finish positions.

– What you want to avoid is your follow through being lazy and not doing a complete follow through.

Grip two clubs in your hands side by side and do some easy practice swings.

– Take note of where the clubs are pointing at the end of your follow through.

– The added weight of the club should give you good feedback as to where your follow through position should look like when hold a single club on a single swing.

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John Roberts says:

Goin try this i keep stoppin on my follow through not pretty

Caolán Murphy says:

hey man! love the amount of videos being updated daily! Can you do a video on tournament preparation??? 

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