Golf Follow Through – How to Finish your Golf Swing

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Golf Swing Follow Through – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to get a great swing finish position that will promote great impact with the ball and a great overall swing.

The role of the follow through is to link the entire swing together in a way that will promote a consistent swing that looks and feels the same every time. If you are able to get your address position at setup to be constant, and your follow through position is also constant then the movements in between the two should also be constant as well. A good finish position promotes a good swing sequence of actions and timing.

► Follow Through Golf Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– Your body weight should rest almost entirely on your left foot at finish. Your right foot should be on its toes, the back of the shoe pointing away from the target.

– The hip and chest should be erect and facing towards the target.

– Your finish position should be balanced; you should be able to remain in place without falling over.

– The position of the golf club is not as important.

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Paul Bell says:

Back into golf after a 20 year layoff, and found I was pretty inconsistent in hitting driver and irons.. I watched all the excellent, informative and easy to follow setup and swing videos, took video of my own swing, adjusted accordingly (it is, as the man says, all in the hips!!) And am hitting much more consistently, and not slicing the driver… all thanks to these free videos… AWESOME! Thanks Peter!!

Chrysa Lawson says:

This was a huge help. Thanks so much.

Pat Kain says:

you teaching techniques are really really well put together and good. I will watch these video's many times until I get my swing under muscle memory. Thanks so much.

GluteusGale says:

Thanks Pete, I've enjoyed your tips. Your finish reminds me of Martin Kaymer. Regards, and thanks.

Pete Styles says:

Ok fair point.. so try to let your head and sternum follow your hips forward onto your left side to focus on hitting down and forwards with your irons, you should be fine to stay behind the ball with your driver however. i hope that helps.

15bfletch says:

Thanks Pete, when I bump my hip to the left, i end up getting stuck on my right side and hitting it fat.

Pete Styles says:

Thanks for your feedback.
Try to feel that you stay taller on your left side (if you are right handed) If you can snap your left leg straight around impact as you load your weight onto your front foot, that will help to stop you from dipping. Also work hard on the 'Bump' across.
Keep working hard.

15bfletch says:

Pete, great job on videos! I'm having a little trouble dipping on the downswing. I think it may be from not totally understanding the weight transfer. Any advice?

Pete Styles says:

@mjeado1 Just have a quick check of your grip it may be that you are too strong particularly in your bottom ( left) hand. I hope that helps.

matt says:

Hey Peter, great video's and since practicing through your check points hitting a lot of draws (I'm a lefty) and then occasionally a mean hook. Not sure if this is a tempo or me trying to hit to hard, what typically makes or common mistake (I know there must be a lot) causes these hooks. Thanks.

Pete Styles says:

@birdienfool Hi Rob Thanks for getting in touch. Sounds like your spine angle could be staying down a little too much in your follow through which in turn throws your arms up to a high finish. I don't think this will have a massive bearing on where the ball goes though so don't beat yourself up about it!!
Cheers Pete Styles

birdienfool says:

Thanks Pete. I'm working to achieve great finish. My club comes up to high on follow thru then crosses by back, rather than finishing level across my neck. Is this classic reverse C characteristic? What drill can I do to achieve that classic follow through, like Rory seems to do every time? Great lesson. Rob from Michigan

MrJimmysome says:

Great teacher! Thank you. Love the way you talk…cool

Pete Styles says:

@MrJimmysome you are very welcome. Thanks for your feedback

MrJimmysome says:

You're a great teacher! Thank you so much.

Jetboy9999 says:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – Finally a golf video that explains the whole golf swing in simple to understand terms. After years and years of trial and error I finally understand the mechanics of a proper golf swing. Brilliant.!!!!

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