GOLF: Get Rid Of Your Chicken Wing Instantly

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Get Rid Of Your Chicken Wing Instantly

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When we say chicken wing, what we're referring to this look into the follow through where the left arm in particular gets very bent, the distance between the elbows increases, the arm gets away from the body and you sort of have this chicken wing look.

Typically there are two reasons why you would have a chicken wing looking finish. The first one is an open clubface. You will do a chicken wing motion – usually combined with a left wrist flip – in an effort to square the clubface. The second reason is because you are too steep. You would bend your elbows in an effort to not have the club run into the ground into the follow through.

Ultimately, you do need to fix the root cause. But, you can also reverse engineer a fix. In the process of changing the movement pattern of the chicken wing, you may be able to fix root cause.

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You may think that just straightening your arms out will fix the problem. That may get rid of the chicken wing, but it doesn’t ultimately change the reasons as to why you have it. What you have to understand is that the arm bending is part of the problem. But, a bigger problem is the lack of arm rotation. I have fixed a lot of chicken wings by just adding arm supination. Arm rotation is the missing link.

What you want to do with the drill to fix this is combine the arm rotation and staying connected to the body. If you have a chicken wing and you make your arm rotate more and you keep your left arm connected to your body, you will not have a chicken wing anymore. That's a guaranteed thing.

How do I do those two pieces? In an effort to keep my arm on my body, I’ll throw something underneath my left arm, like a head cover, towel, glove or stick. If I make a swing and I keep that underneath my left arm, what can it not do? It can't go off my body.

With that, you have to get your whole arm rotating more. I would even say to the point where my left palm is up towards the sky, my elbow is down towards the ground. And when you do this, I want you to have your arm bent.

A lot of you guys try to fix a chicken wing by keeping your arms straight and your elbows close together. If that hasn’t worked for you, it's probably because of one of those other root causes I mentioned. You have to fix those and do it this way. You must have arm rotation to fix the chicken wing. If these drills don’t change your chicken wing, you're simply not doing it correctly or exaggerating enough.

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Hector Casagrande says:

Great video, routine and explanation. Not just a "FIX", is a complete concept explanation and root/cause analysis. Thanks, Eric!

John Moye says:

Greatest video I have seen on this!!! Made a huge difference. Thanks,

RollYourRock says:

Hi Eric, @ 0:58 you say that typically 90% of all "Chicken Wings" are caused by either an open clubface or by too steep of a downswing. Do you prefer to fix these two issues first by reverse-engineering, like in this video, or do you ever initially address the possible root causes (open face/steep downswing)? *Love your productions/presentations! ?

Arch Campbell says:

This really works! I did about 100 reps today just rotating my left arm with fingers pointing to the sky. Also tucked my left shirt sleeve under my armpit to stay "connected". Funny how easily one forgets the so-called "little" things during a winter hiatus! Great video!

Andy C says:

Thanks mate, 10 years of chicken wing fixed by watching this!

scott steibel says:

For the past three weeks I’ve only been working on changing my swing to incorporate the bowed wrist at impact and arm rotation,supination . Been doing this out on the course and range checking with video. (My course is pretty empty this time of year). Only today have I begun to get it while hitting a ball on the course. Big improvement in contact and consistency.

Are swing changes normally this difficult to incorporate into the swing on the course?

And the video feedback is essential,

Thanks Eric

tizi0728 says:

Will this drill work for the driver also?

Chris Thomas says:

Good tip! You're the only pro who has ID'd arm rotation as a cause/cure.

Harold Pohoresky says:

I have had a chicken wing problem. Your analysis suggests three or four causes- no lead arm suppination and folding close to the body on the folow through, face club open coming into impact, too steep a swing etc etc.

For me none of the above were the root causes of my problem. My problem was not rotating my upper body through the shot- chest pointing downward at impact not toward the target. If your chest has fully rotated, your arms will rotate and stay close together naturally coming through the swing. That is just my expereince. each is different. Ensuring my trail shoulder rotates through the shot was the key to my problem and all those other issues you mention, melted away.

Les Simmo says:

Sorry, mate but you are so wrong it makes me wonder about your methodology. My left arm is stuck to my chest and the follow through is left wrist breaking (back of hand to sky) right hand flipping through ball. Obviously clubface in front of hands at impact

E C says:

Eric, you bring me to other stage……many thanks

Craig Hill says:

Arm rotation! Excellent. That’s me. Thanks Eric!

stonewallre7 says:

Eric how do you fix the sharp down swing?


Davidkh Ng says:

Great analysis and fix recommendation. Thanks!

Dave T says:

Took this to the range yesterday and it worked! Initially I tried with a glove under arm and I just could not connect or get my rhythm. Once I removed the gloves I was able to replicate the feeling of keeping my arms connected. I was able to start this connected feeling even just in my set up. Then I was able to get more inside and my strike patterns dramatically improved as well as dispersion and flight pattern (slice changed to small draw). Unbelievable really, as this is something I have been working to fix in my game for 2 years. Eric, thank you so much!

Blake Elliott says:

Great video

Mark Martino says:

Excellant video Eric! I have been following you and your videos for about a month now. As a Youtube video golf nut, I watch many many different teaching styles on Youtube. There are some great ones and Eric I have promoted you to one of the best 4 in all of Youtube.

Dave T says:

I tried this and everything feels really constricted keeping that left arm connected to my body.

Donnie Raines says:

Looks like Im having a little "Soup"ination, instead of Chikin wingz for lunch before the Range 2day…Thnx EC ??️‍♂️?

Benjamin Lee says:

Great breakdown. I think one thing to add is the upper body has to rotate to correct the chicken wing. Many times, if the upper body does not rotate, the left arm disconnects from the body causing the chicken wing.

Timothy Shively says:

Besides curing chicken wing it helped my body rotation thus stopping my hook. Great tip!

John Lee says:

Left arm chicken, besides from left arm not supinating enough, it’s also from the lack of body rotation after impact. My iron swings don’t have the chicken wing but my driver swing does. Can you also do a video on using the glutes in a golf swing? One of Tiger’s old interviews past year he said “my glutes are not activating in my swing”, just curious to see what he meant by that or how can one use their glutes in a golf swing. Thanks man! Always posting quality content!

Don MacLean says:

I struggle with chip shots or short pitches. I have probably misinterpreted the shot that uses little wrist action by have no arm rotation as well?
Is that possibly why I struggle with chips and short pitches? It can get really ugly for me.

Turner Humphrey says:

Can you do a cause and effect video, showing what swing moves cause what ball flight.

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