Golf Grip Lesson | Mark Crossfield

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Bravo Bruckner says:

hmm. i can’t tell if i want to cross the pinky or let it lay on top of my
top hand. actually what feels most comfortable is to do neither of those
things and just have my hands side by side close by each other – but that
doesn’t seem kosher for some reason

Michael Mwamunga says:

This is a must try … I’ve always been taught that diagonally across the
palm was correct.

Glenn Cherokee says:

Wow Mark, Just had a lesson that got me to reconstruct my grip in exactly
the same way you mention. The way you explain it though especially setting
up the grip with the club vertically rather than at address makes for a
much more natural set up. Cheers Mark… to sort out the right hand!!
Awesome video!!!!

redralph says:

wow mark thank you very much for your tip. this alone helped me gain 20
yards on every club. really really.

stewart ashton says:

Brill mark done that for years now I know why my shoulder hurts

jameswickes says:

Cheers for the lesson

mzaalam says:

Interesting lesson. I bought tiger woods’ book and he actually suggested
the ‘wrong’ position according to this tutorial. But it explains why I’ve
been feeling like my grip is weak & that I need to hold the club tighter
and tighter and therefore getting tired after hitting like 50 balls!

gbvoul says:

you’re SOO spot on Mark. Great Swing + Bad Grip = Bad Result.

Edward Campbell says:

I know that I put the club in the middle of my palm, is this a possible
reason that I slice or hit right of where i am aiming consistently, I am a
right hander.

mmaker1337 says:

Feel to throw my clubs in the lake cant cope with this correct grip at all.
I have never felt strain in my left hand before but with this grip i do. I
need to use more pressure with this correct grip then the wrong one. If i
dont use more pressure the club seems to go slowly back to the wrong
position. Also its damn unconfortable becuase you have to pull down your
wrist more for the club to be in the right angel. I start to wonder if i
have to short clubs? or not leaning forward enough?

olly sheeran says:

i agree brilliant lesson 5 star

Philip Maher says:

Hi Mark, love the tutorials I have been out of the game for 3 years but now
intend getting back to it, my question is how importrant is it to have your
clubs professionally fitted or does it make any difference.

Dwayne Nesmith says:

Thanks Mark I have been gripping club wrong for years this has made a huge

Stephen Masters says:

Find it interesting that Hogan put the grip more in his palm. Hank Haney
advocates this and he got Tiger to switch. Tried griping more in the
palm…grip running over the pad and I got rid of my low flighted push draw
and now hit straight shots that are flushed. Different strokes for
different folks. Regardless, thanks Mark for your videos. Loyal fan.

vg4030 says:

@onkai The left thumb should be close to the the ‘meat’ of your left hand,
aiming down the club. Not wrapped around

Matt Robinson says:

I watch a lot of golf videos. This is the best explanation of how to hold a
golf club that I have ever seen. Congratulations. Good Job.

jeromeo12 says:

great tip. so simple but overlooked by many.

Clayton6975 says:

Thanks mark good lesson Aloha.

Gavin McGuinness says:

What about the right hand? I sort of feel like my left hand is ok but my
right is weak.

John Price says:

Dude you have helped shave 5 strokes off my game over the past few months.
These videos are great. Wish I had found these years ago. Keep it up!

muddyboots1764 says:

I found this lesson to be quite squeaky and yet informative.

Tony Swansson says:

Mark, I was led to believe that the club should be more in the fingers of
the left hand where as you seem to have the club just above the top of the
fingers. What is correct?

MaJo DiuLi says:

1 question though, where should the left thumb should be placed on the
club?hope that you can show a clearer image of it. and hope you can make a
video lesson of the upswing position.thanks so much.take care

MaJo DiuLi says:

great lesson!

Darcy Ge says:

Could you make a video about right hand grip(for right hand golfer),
specially about how to get correct gap between index and middle finger.
Also some detail about how index and sum effect the shot. please. Many

Core Sly says:

Cheers i have been doing something wring for a while and could not work it
out also want to get my handicap down more 🙂

ElGato1370 says:

Hi from Paris Mark, Thanks for your videos, always simple and straight to
the point. Just one quick question on the grip: when I try to holf the club
with my left hand the way you recommend it it feels really in my fingers,
thus making it tiring quickly – So am I gripping too much in the fingers?
Could it be my grip size (I’ve got ver small hands- gloves are small at
max)? Or both? Soory for my bad english, Bets regards,

Brad Berwick says:

Does the meaty part of your left hand have to be on top of the club?

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