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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps Ian work on his golf hook today by simply changing his alignment and swing path. This helped Ian improve his driver accuracy and will help Ian and you to hit more fairways. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!


  1. Hi Rick, great lesson, My h/cap is 7 and I hook pitching wedges and drivers
    and I cant get the height in my shots, so you must realise I have a pretty
    good short game. I have videoed myself and I do come from the inside and
    hit the ball with a closed face, yet I seem to have a neutral grip. any
    advice before I give this stupid game up? lol

  2. Funny my name is Ian and this is my exact problem. So what I’m hearing
    here is get aligned, and feel like im hitting it to the left and less from
    the inside? Thanks for posting…

  3. Wow, it’s liking watching myself swing! I’m a 7.3 and have been having the
    exact same issues as Ian. I can’t wait to work on these fixes on the range
    and get my drives back in the fairway. Thanks Rick!

  4. I’m a 3.5hc and this is My.Exact.Issue! Dropping it on the inside, dipping
    right shoulder, hanging back a touch, hooking the ball. Shallow attack
    angle hooks. Makes hitting 3w off the deck pretty sketchy because you come
    in very shallow and can clip it 1″ fat. Thanks for this video.

  5. Hi Rick

    Very relevant to me personally, but I’m still having trouble keeping that
    club out in front of me in the downswing. Looks like you had no major
    problems with Ian here. Guess I’ll have to keep working at it Rick. I know
    what I should be doing, but the body refuses to co-operate!! Lol. Nice vid
    though Rick!

  6. Hi Rick great vid as always, I’ve got a lesson booked with you in a couple
    of but that collapsed left knee at impact is one of my (many) faults. Have
    you got any suggestions how to get it straighter at impact. Cheers Jon 

  7. Hi rick it’s matt here from yesterday, another great vid and just wanted to
    let you know I’ve been to the range today to work on what you said and it
    really was an unbelievable improvement within just 50 balls, I can’t thank
    you enough and can not wait till our next lesson, obviously not perfect
    every time yet but I would say over 30 of the 50 I hit were unbelievable,
    the sound of the face, the flight, it just felt right, anybody reading this
    and watching the vids and thinking of seeing rick for a lesson I massively
    recommend you do, I’ve been watching his vids for a while and kept thinking
    next month next month, so so happy I finally went along, see you in a few
    weeks rick keep up the good work,, 

  8. Your reviews of equipment and lesson tips etc are very enjoyable. Very
    different. As I’m sure your aware mark crossfield does allot of somewhat
    similar stuff but I really enjoy the different perspective and have
    regularly sought out what you have to offer. Good job! 

  9. It’s amazing what Rick can do for you in a lesson, for those who see Rick
    will agree and those who don’t it will be money well spent. Awesome work
    again Rick.
    Ste smallman 

  10. +RickShielsPGAGolf good lesson as always. One thing I hope people will take
    away from this is that folks in general just don’t pay enough attention to
    the fundamentals, aim, alignment, posture, ball position, grip etc. (I know
    not all of these relevant to Ian’s lesson, but some were) before the Club
    even starts to move! Or the relevance of these ‘static’ positions in
    relation to the effect they can have on the clubs swing path, even before
    you get to how good, or not, the swing movement may be. And the old
    counterintuitive, hit it left so aim further right, so even further left it
    goes!! Until the club on some swings does get at least square to the very
    inside path and blocked right it goes, and sadly by the 4th the golfers in
    meltdown as they haven’t a clue which side of the course their ball

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