GOLF: How The Hips Work In The Golf Swing

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How The Hips Work In The Golf Swing

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I see a lot of people who struggle with a hip motion that goes too far towards the target during the downswing. We'll call that a slide too far towards the target in combination with a left hip.

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During the downswing there is going to be some lateral motion towards the target with your hips from where you start and from the top of the backswing. But how much motion is the question. I want the hips to work maybe two, three, four inches from where they are at the top to the finish position. I always say about a fist outside your left hip from the top of the swing. That's about how much lateral motion we're looking for.

Why do I want my hip to go down and not up in the golf swing? When I kick my hips forward, my upper body bends back to the right, or it tilts to the right. If I go too far forward and I tilt, I can't turn enough. I want to be going down and back with the left hip.

The way you can fix swing faults with feels is to do the opposite of what you're currently doing and to exaggerate a significant amount more than you think. So, the drill for this is to first set up your phone or a Live View Golf to record your swing so you can actually see what you are doing. Then take your normal setup, go up to the top and go as far down to the ground as you can. Get that left hip as far back as you can make it go. You want to feel that hip going down and back.

Then you will start the process of hitting some. You’re going to make some half swings halfway back and feel your hip, go as far down and as far back as you can. If you're someone who normally goes up too much, that's going to obviously feel a little bit different and it's going to look a lot different.

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If you're serious about changing your slide and your hip going too far up, then you need to get serious about exaggerating and not judging it on swing number one, especially with no feedback. That's the moral of the story here with this, we don't want the hip to go up and forward. We want it to go down and around. And what you need to do is you need to exaggerate until you find normal.

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Robert Prevost says:

Last week, I was trying to lower upper body to facilitate rotation, to go down and back. I have a real problem with early extension that prevents good rotation. However, I was not getting it done, until I remembered some old drills about "counterfall" that I learned from David Lee of Gravity Golf. When I started to fell the counterfall–a literal slight fall backwards on the downswing–I was able to go down and back; and I hit some shots that I did not know I had in my bag. I guess my comment is the counterfall feel something that can would be useful to learn "down and back."

ian campbell says:

Eric – as I’ve said before this is what I’m working on. am I right in saying you need shaft lean at impact as well to stop fats when you go lower (slight bent of knees) or is that related to the need of a shallower swing? Maybe both?

Paul Koppenheffer says:

E: another great video.. I think people progress from early extension, to hip slide to proper rotation. I have to feel really down and around and not let my lead hip get high. I also have to feel like the pressure shift goes from back heel to front heel and that seems to work for me. you do a great job of hitting the main points that hold us average golfers back.

stonewallre7 says:

Eric great video. This helps answer a question a while back. Thanks for this up clearing up.

Wgb8210 says:

Another tremendous video!!! Would you agree that when your hips shift towards the target those acceptable 2, 3, or 4 inches, it's a good idea to shift your entire upper body towards the target from your head to your hips a few inches as well because if your hips slide TOWARDS the target and your head tilts AWAY from the target at the very start of the downswing, this will almost inevitably cause the golf club to cast?

John Hue says:

Eric, Just a fraction of a second after the left hip starts turning in transition I make a right elbow move where feel I am losing the arm wrestle. Is that th flattening move or is there more to it?

Mark Walker says:

Eric, thanks very helpful . I have a query – Not quite on topic I but can't quite understand how shallowing the club doesn't also open the club face ( something that you're trying to stop us doing as much) I'm sure Im missing something! but is it possible to clarify Thanks

EINFACH BESSER GOLFEN mit Philipp Meichernitsch says:

The best video I have ever seen about hips in the golf swing – congrats! ?️

randy underwood says:

this is me. and at the end what you do is my "fix" but it's very inconsistent ball flight and pattern. it also can make me flip my wrists over when the club head lags

jeff berger says:

Eric, what is the key for not hitting it fat with this downward movement ?

B Johnson says:

Swing downhill
Left hip stays inside left ankle…right?
Keep height of right side / hip
I tend to lose the height of the right side which pops the left side up (assuming right handed golfer)
Get left knee down..
"pelvis down forward and back"…key phrase
But hitting up on a driver is a little different deal, right?

Steve DeSanto says:

Eric – makes total sense, not enough hip rotation might be my biggest problem, I get quick going back, and then I end up coming off of the shot with my left hip high and back. I may give the 7-day trial a shot, how long will you be having the trial, since our weather has not been very good as of late and I would like to share a video of my swing with you. Thanks, Steve

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