GOLF: How To Create Effortless Power In Your Backswing With These 3 Moves

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How To Create Effortless Power In Your Backswing
With These 3 Moves

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Your backswing is not as relevant as your downswing, but the reaction that you set up is as relevant. What I do going back is going to set me up to create speed or not to create speed.

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The first move to create effortless power has to do with your feet. There is no getting around that you need to use your feet well so you can use the ground well to create speed. If you want to create effortless speed during your downswing and learn how to hit the ball farther, you need to have a pressure shift into the right foot. This move is actually more of a feel than it is a drill. When you go back, I want the pressure to go to the right foot and slightly back towards your heel.

Part number two is shoulder tilt. How steep or horizontal your shoulders tilt or how far down your left shoulder goes is going to dictate some of your ability to create speed.

A drill for this would be to put an alignment rod on the ground that represents the ball target line. Then put a second golf ball one foot outside of my golf ball and three clubs back – or about six inches to the right. I’ll then put an alignment rod across my shoulders, take a normal set up and make a backswing. I want to have my left shoulder down and my shoulders tilted to the point where it's between the ball target line and that second golf ball. That is what I would call a safe zone.

The third part of creating speed during your backswing has to do with the shaft and the club itself. Whether the shaft is vertical or horizontal during the backswing affects how much speed you're going to be able to produce. If I can get the shaft more vertical, it will produce more speed versus if I have the shaft more horizontal.

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For this drill, again, I’ll need two alignment rods. I put one alignment rod by the ball target line. I take the second alignment rod and put it on the side of the club, and I grip it. The stick will be up the side of the club on my left hip. When I make a backswing I want the stick to point somewhere between the ball line and my feet line.

Those are the three moves to create effortless power during your backswing. The point of these three moves is to create a reaction during your downswing. You don't hit the ball during your backswing, but you can do a lot to create reactions during your downswing to generate power.


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Sanjay Sridhar says:

I just got back from the range after trying out the shoulder drill and the club takeaway. I must say….it works like wonder! I am creaming the ball with pure strike and also seem to hit it longer. Wonderful instruction!

MadDad says:

Good content Eric. Newcomer to the channel. Thanks

Bryan Sprenger says:

That's a pretty neat setup you got going on there. Is that your own studio? The way you roll your front foot is epic!?️‍♂️??

kofblz says:

It takes a lot of effort for me to get the club more vertical on the backswing. But I need to buy some alignment rods. My cheap closet rods are too fat to grip with the club.

Robert Mayer says:

Eric Great video again.
What are your thoughts on the "Plane Sight" laser pointer ?
Attaches to grip end of club.
I like it for it's precision as to where you are actually pointing the club in the takeaway and back swing.

Robert Dremluk says:

Can you couple more vertical shaft on backswing with internal rotation of right arm at top of the swing (more powerful position) and then as downswing starts right arm goes external? It's like throwing a ball…arm is internal as you set to throw and then goes external as you throw. In doing this does it matter if the club shaft is pointing in the exact opposite direction at the top from a traditional laid off position and then falls into the slot on the downswing as the right arm goes external? Golf being game of opposites does this make sense?

Peter Hammer says:

I love going vertical on the backsving because the club feels so light. Then again have to try to avoid too much "looping" in the downsving as I will come too much from the inside again.

Kyle Grona says:

Good shit, Eric!

Michael Schmidt says:

The vertical shaft in the back swing also helps the shoulders get more vertical.

Crazy Canuck Golfer says:

Another gem Eric!!! I learn something new every time you post a video

a2fitness says:

great video!  I'm really working on getting shaft more vertical.  I do great in the mirror swings and practice but when I'm playing I still get a little flat.  I'm still working on it and will try the drill you mentioned today with the rods.  Thanks for everything!

chubby chequer says:

Great video the problem is analysing your swing and trying to figure out what you need from each video. But I suppose that's where online lessons come into play otherwise you can cause more harm.
Check Milo lines another great teacher with a similar swing philosophy

Glenn Watson says:

When I set up over the ball I like to dig in with my right heel, almost like a sprinter out of the block.

Michael Osborne says:

Some of your very best work Eric. Priceless instruction!
You can truly learn to swing like a tour player under Eric Cogorno guidance.
All the best to you…..

Kevin Monaghan says:

This is exactly what I need to focus on. I had an analysis done with Eric and it was priceless with regards to what I need to work on. You don’t know unless you see it. Drills focus on what you specifically need, rather than unneeded “tips”. Now I can work on small exact moves that improve MY swing. Highly recommend it.

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