GOLF: How To Fix Early Extension In Your Golf Swing – Golf Lesson

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How To Fix Early Extension In Your Golf SwingGolf Lesson

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In this clip from one of my in-person lessons, I’m working with Eric on set-up pieces and balance in the feet so we can tackle his early extension issues.


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gtflyer says:

So, I've been fighting this every now and again. At the range tonight we had 15 to 21 mph wind gusts from our back, I found I was extending early much more than normal. This video now gives me a starting point to check that I can work with. Love the live lesson, look forward to more of them.

Christopher Rowlett says:

This video is priceless. The weight transfer explanation was a life saver.

Mike Jones says:

The Beginning Golfers Winter Practice Poem:

We've been pounding the range in these dreadful winter conditions …

Along the way learning golfs little secrets that can't ever be shared or even given slight mentions …

While enduring the bitter cold, we're resolved to improving our swings til they're tip top …

Next time we play, we'll be able to say, we're not missing a single fairway, and never again will we ever take a drop …

Shout out to Big Bad Ballin Ass Eric C Da Golf Pimp and his lovely side piece Sweet Mary …

It's because of them, that our golf swings are no long scary …


Thanx for another great video Golfessor EC and Sweet, Sweet Mary

im2tall4asian says:

You. Are. A. Genius! Maintain lower body balance to prevent counter balance on the upper body. Much simpler explanation that allows you to work on the actual problem. Thank you.

Robert Osborne says:

Good stuff! ?? G

Yi Gu says:

“Back to the right heel. Thru to the left heel.” Try to memorize it. That’s money $$$$

Ben Howard says:

If there is a better teacher out there, I don't know who it is. Your ability to communicate what you want to see is better than any teacher I have seen. Thank you.

Roger Trottier says:

Eric is a genius..period

Laser Electric Golf says:

My favorite coach on youtube — Thank you!

Dave Patterson says:

Great video Eric. My last instructor kept advising me to bend over more at address and stick the butt out. I tend to stand up a bit in the backswing and fight early extension in the downswing. It seems to make more sense to stand a little taller at address and work on more flexion in the downswing. As you always say, I have to really feel like I'm over exaggerating to see a little change on video anyway.

staticstephen says:

This is spot on watching you working with a live lesson ??

Chris Doty says:

It's about time Eric. Thank you. These are the videos that I started first watch it. Helped me tremendously

Chris Lee says:

Where do you teach?

Kevin Steen says:

Woop Woop Live Lessons!!!

David Kamnitzer says:

Thank you.

Regarding the position of the buttocks ….

Giving your coaching, how come so many pro players do you have their butt sticking out a little bit at address?

I always thought that was a good thing because it meant we were flexing from the hips and not from the low back or the upper back which left the chest up in the shoulders in a free or position to move.

Dead Man says:

It's nice thanks reyale elpe

DRay Outdoors says:

Totally impressed with your teaching style, how you work with the students, and your knowledge. So many times you can watch training videos and they tell you what to do but they are not good at the how to do it. I feel that you cover this extremely well. Great videos and I believe we can learn a lot from you. Great work

Mark Stratman says:

Thank you for the live lessons, really helpful

Kelly Smith says:

Love the lesson vids! Thanks for your time and for sharing!

Steve Dietrich says:

Many of us have the same issue. Very well explained.

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