GOLF: How To Foolproof Your Sand Game

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How To Foolproof Your Sand Game
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Hey guys, in this video you're going to see one of the bunker videos from our premium membership. So, this is one of the videos you get with a paid membership. It's part of a bigger course that we did to get out of the bunker. We wanted you guys to see this first one just to get started with the setup.

The bunker shot is the only shot in golf that I'm hitting where I'm not actually trying to hit the ball first. I'm trying to hit the sand behind the ball. The setup is based around that.

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What you should notice first is my feet are a lot wider than normal. Out of a bunker, my ankles are much wider than my shoulders. I'm also sitting into my stance a little bit more than normal. I'm very bent down into my knees and I'm sitting. I'm sitting on a horse as the sensation here.

In terms of the weight in my feet, I'm going to have more weight forward, kind of pressed into my left quad, maybe up to 70 or 80 percent of my weight and my pressure is going to be in that lead leg. So feet are wide. I'm sitting down, my knees are bent, and I've got a lot of pressure into that lead leg, so that's the main piece with my lower body.

In terms of my upper body, I see a lot of people go wrong with the spine angle. I want the spine angle to be straight up and down, were even slightly leaning towards the target. I’m trying to preset steep setup pieces out of the bunker so I can be shallow with my swing. So, in terms of my shoulders, I'm not going to be tilted to the right at all. I'm going to maybe have my left shoulder a little bit lower than my right shoulder and my left hip a little bit lower than my right. I'm presetting myself a little bit more forward.

In my setup, my club face is going to be quite a bit open. If I were to draw a line, sort of down the leading edge of my club, the clubs angled essentially where the front part of the club is open to the point where it's at or just slightly forward of my left toe.

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Next up is ball position. I like to have the ball in the middle or slightly forward of middle for a stock bunker shot. So, if you were to see from face on relative to my stance, that ball position's going to be just a little bit inside of my left heel for a stock setup.

That would be my stock set up. My feet are nice and wide. My knees are bent. I'm leaning into my left quad. My upper body is tilted a little bit forward. My left shoulder, a little bit lower than my right. My club face is open.


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Barry Reid says:

I am a 4 handicap and bunker play is the weakness in my game. I seen from this video one change I have to make and that is a wider stance, I have been trying to hit bunker shots as if I was chipping meaning a narrow stance. Thanks for this instruction.

Justin Leonor says:

Great work here. Love how you always give the “why” behind what you’re trying to achieve. Super helpful

Steven Yamamoto says:

What loft wedge is recommended for sand shots? I usually use a 54*, but my caddie kept handing me my 60* whenever I went into the sand. Got me thinking I might be using the wrong club. Thoughts?

sjgraci says:

We have a lot of pine straw down here in Augusta. I use the same technique around the greens for a blast out of pine straw. Nasty stuff pine straw.

Discus Me says:

clearly demonstrated

pacypacman says:

As long as i’m not gonna need to hit a very high bunker shot my hands are gonna be pressed forward! Helps me a lot and im a pretty decent bunker player.

daryl moore says:

The setup is very similar to how I learn basic pitch shots..the open stance, preset hinge, weight forward, etc..good stuff thanks.

apenay says:

What should you do if you end up in a bunker that's packed in due to rain or is frozen and there's no give to the sand to splash it out? Do you play it like a pitch shot? Or is there some unspoken rule in golf that you can hand wedge it out? =D

John Nursall says:

OT Eric — what do you think of Manuel de la Torre's teaching philosophy?

Ronald Morris says:

A very similar set up combined with Pete Cowen's butterfly grip completely transformed my bunker play.

Samuel Radcliffe says:

If my thought is hit behind the ball, I often hit it fat or thin. A better thought for me is to hit under the ball. This change in thought has helped me more than anything.

Adam Martin says:

Of course, how many people will actually go practice bunker shots?

Probably very few.

People just will not take the time to develop their skill.

I taught myself how to hit a bunker shot, took me an hour. There's no reason even someone who goes to the course once a week to practice shouldn't work on their bunker play.

I mean, there's a bunker directly beside the driving range at my course. Absolutely no one uses it, they'd rather blast drivers. And it's not like it's hidden, it's in plain sight!

Jesus, it's no wonder most people are 20 handicap.

Funny thing is Bubba Watson and Boo Weekley come to my course on occasion. Boo is in there all the time, not only hitting full shots but also short little high soft shots. Bubba doesn't practice, he just plays. But you can bet your ass he's practiced in there before.

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