GOLF: How To Get A More Passive Release For More Consistent Golf Shots

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How To Get A More Passive Release
For A More Consistent Golf Swing

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What does a passive release mean? Should you be trying to do it? How do you do it? I explain it all in this video! Including why external shoulder rotation may be the missing link to a passive release even if your clubface is good and your wrist conditions are good.


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Roger Savard says:

Excellent tips , thx!

joseserranosuner says:

Eric, wonderful!!! I finally understand Kelvin Miyahira.

Bob Vee1 says:

Sooooo….how much external rotation at address? Should the flat part of the top of my arm just above the wrist be sort of perpendicular to the ground? That question may be a bit too confusing or cryptic, perhaps just an explanation of the right arm/shoulder at setup.

Michael Toy says:

I cannot thank you enough for all your content, and this video in particular. Working super hard on my impact position and not having any progress and this one video instantly allowed me to find some swing keys that got me into a much much better impact.

Olivier Bert says:

It seems that with an externally rotated right arm the club face is likely to stay open.

Bob Tana says:

Great lesson

Adam Lincoln says:

Best explanation of external/internal shoulder rotation I’ve ever seen. I’ve tried flipping my forearms/hands over through impact to square the face but it’s so hard to time it right consistently. Some shots I would hit clean and straight, but others would be a short fade bc my face would be open at impact. I tried this passive option today at range with a stronger grip and immediately felt a huge difference. I made solid contact on almost all my balls across all my irons. There is less to think about with this shot. I feel like the majority of the work is at setup. Make sure you have the right grip and are aligned properly. After that it’s just turn and fire hips through with arms feeling like dead weight that’s being propelled forward by my hips. The external shoulder explanation is a game changer. It makes my swing feel more compact, with less to think about and provides consistent ball flight and contact. My only problem with it is that I now I have to recalibrate all my irons because I was hitting them considerably farther than I was previously…good problem to have though.

Terry Siedelman says:

for those (me) that have had shoulder surgery and motorcycle crashes…we have limited rotation….we have to manipulate our hand thru impact (turn hands over) to avoid a pull shot.

sjgraci says:

This. That's what I'm talking about! After 30+ years of trying to swing it like Phil and Freddy, I've learned to rotate it like Hogan and just about everyone else with a "modern swing." Golf is not a swing. It's a turn. The results have transformed my game.

Daniel Bonebrake says:

This release is different from your other videos on the release (The Best Way to Release the Golf Club) which you have recommended for most golfers. Perhaps you could explain why you would choose one release pattern vs the other and what conditions must exist (flexibility, ability to rotate, etc) to choose one over the other.

Paul O'Neil says:

I think this is one of these most important videos ever about the golf swing. You see so many modern pros swinging this way and yet almost zero amateurs. The thing I would add that helped me is to NOT focus on the left wrist at all to achieve the toe down club face at last parallel but to switch my entire focus to the externally rotated right shoulder combined with concentrating ONLY on my dominant right hand wrist position. For right handed people (most of us) we have far more awareness / control over our right dominant hand and yet I find so much of the golf setup / focus / grip / flat left wrist at the top of the swing focuses our attention on our left side – and that leads in my opinion to the world of slicers that has been created. Being a former tournament level tennis player and someone who can skip a rock, the world of golf changed for me when I started practice swinging with my right arm only and relearning these wrist / elbow positions for the right arm – is was a massive help. For me now I don't even think about my left arm / hand / wrist at all – like zero. All I do now is practice my toe down takeaway at parallel holding the club in my right hand only, the top of the backswing position that I want my right wrist in, the back down to parallel with externally rotated right shoulder & toe down position, again only holding the club with my right hand – those 3 positions only – repeat repeat repeat. If you get those 3 positions grooved holding the club only with your right hand your ball striking improvement will be astounding.

Great video

Anthony Sinclair says:

Good stuff Eric

Steve DeSanto says:

Eric – Thanks for the tips, I think that external release will help my pull hook.

jsilva says:

Obi Wan, for me and my swing, this is the best video you’ve ever done, keep up the good work!

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