GOLF: How to get the perfect downswing in the golf swing BASIC

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This video discusses how to get the perfect downswing in the golf swing. The downswing is such an important part of the golf swing and without a decent sequence of events you will NEVER have a decent impact position.

Many people buy swing trainers, go on swing training courses, are searching on a monthly basis on YouTube for golf tips and advice. However understanding exactly what needs to happen is crucial for your success long term.

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This video shows slow motion golf swings so you can see exactly what you need to do, so you can start to get this downswing perfect each and every time.

You will no longer need training aids, have any more questions about swing plane, and start to understand the basic things that need to happen in the golf swing.

Finally all the information learnt on this video can be applied to the driver golf swing too and as always this information is great for senior golfers, lady golfers and junior golfers also.

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dennis liu says:

what a amazing video !!!! the best of best!!!! This is Fxxxx better than all the lessons i took and paid. YOU ROCK

Nicolas Civalleri says:

Very instructive video. I was looking for a clear explanation of the golf swing so i could have a mental idea of what should going on (so difficult to me) and even it is in english (i'm french) i will keep on watching ! Thanks, it really helps.

Charles Hillier says:

Really great videos – I only clicked on one because I was using a strong right-hand grip and wanted to hear an opinion, but was hooked immediately because it described my issues perfectly. This drill is then the logical next step to digging my way out of my push/hook/strong right issues. I'm not sure everyone gets it, but it sure rings true with me! I absolutely love the feeling of "opening up" and powering into the gap with no fear of getting out of balance. I went neutral on my grip, got my elbow in front of my hip, and now I keep hooking (fearing I'll push everything with the neutral grip!) Push is gone. Gotta admit I'm a "feel whore" – will do anything to get that great feeling. The only issue I have is you saying that the rib cage should dominate, I think the feet must dominate the swing. I take it as though you are saying this because of [people] going passive in the upper chest. I think beginners should learn to let the feet tell the hips and everything else what to do. Anyway, you make so much sense I cannot help but change my swing – it's like "when you've heard the truth, you simply can't continue living a lie." I'd like to see you team up with Martin Ayers – you guys are two sides of the same coin. You are doing everything he says, but he comes from principles and lets them teach you the right swing, and you seem to come from getting in the right positions and the right feel, to get a chance to feel the right swing. What a pair the two of you would make! He also has an incredibly engaging way of communicating, as do you. Thanks, keep up the good work.

sawy78 says:

Appropriate golf swings are about learning how and why they are executed and those things are evident in golf swing techniques “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). I have read through the book 2 times and made Fifteen yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. My pleasure of golfing has doubled and my self-confidence has improved.. .

Steve Bayne says:

I’m new here. Like the videos but one question. Some of your videos say rotate left hip back when the left foot doesn’t have pressure on it and and this drill talks about pressuring the left foot as you’re completing the backswing the rotating. What am I missing?

Pete Kendrick says:

Such great lessons! This is helping my game so much! I'm shocked that you don't have more than 43,000 subscribers. I tell everyone I play with about you. My fraternal grandfather was born in Formby and raised in Liverpool in the late 1800's. I would love to come to England and take lessons from you. Thank you Russell very much.?

Michael Murphy says:

So Russell this lateral move occurs before you drive the trail elbow forward or does it happen at the same time in real time?

scott steibel says:

I can’t believe how much this video helped me. I’ve been trying to learn to golf for 5 years. Lessons, videos, but limited progress

Finally this year I started to video my swing. I chicken wings, don’t rotate,flip…

Other videos on YT helped, I began to get the idea, but in this video you just put it all together in a way that I understand the whole sequence.

I went to the driving range this morning. Using my iPhone video I completely changed my downswing and release sequence. Ignoring ball flight for now.

After only 2 hours, my swing began to somewhat resemble the sequence you describe

A whole different feeling. Ball flight improved dramatically. Even was just starting to compress the ball….amazing to feel that happening and see the ball launch off the club face as if under its own power!

This is still feeling awkward and difficult to prevent my old swing from recurring but now I know what to do.

Imagine my 8 iron going past the 150 marker (and I’m 65!)! Only 25% of the time, but still…it’s a start

Sorry to babble on, but I’ve been struggling for a few year to do this golf thing

I’ve probably had 25 lessons over the past 5 years….none of them taught me this.

Thanks so much ??

gfellmer says:

I don't know how I found Russell, but I am sure glad I have. He is our modern day Harvey Penick!

Arthur Ford says:

Best of the best!

Ian Murphy says:

Russel. You’re a amazing teacher. I lived in Staffordshire all my life till I moved to Australia 7years ago. If I had of know about you then I would have been having lessons off you every week. I’ll be visiting the UK at some point and will make the effort to get several lessons off you. You are that great a teacher.
Going to upload my swing for you to check out. Cheers for all your videos.

Lee Lao Golf says:

Great tip Russell.

Thomas Bordenkircher says:

Hands down the best golf instructional videos available, not to mention the most accessible. Why pay for lessons? My game has improved alot just watching my dude here.


I can only be affirmative, this is the best explanation i ever SAW, perfect teaching, continue the good work Russel, thx very much

Jesse Malcolm says:

I have tried multiple teachers methods off of YouTube. (Eric conro, mike malaska, aj bonar, be better golf, Mr. Short game.).
Russell you have given me all the pieces of the puzzle for ball striking more so than any other teacher.

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