GOLF: How To Make A Great Backswing

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How To Make A Great Backswing

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Some people make the argument that backswing doesn’t matter. I couldn’t disagree more! While you don’t hit the ball from your backswing, you have to swing down from wherever you are coming from.

There are some specific elements I am always looking for in a great backswing. There are a handful of things all great ball strikers do. In this video – using Adam Scott’s swing as a model – I go through the fundamental pieces that make up a great backswing.


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Max VanNatter says:

Fixing my backswing is what allowed me to get on plane, improve path, generate power, get forward shaft lean, etc. Great vid thx

Ray M says:

Love the channel Eric. Great drills and insight on the golf swing. I’m already seeing an improvement on my swing.

sabr686 says:

Good stuff. Hey, you never mentioned before that Santa Claus is a regular at your golf facility. Can you put a good word in for me?

MJ S says:

Eric, old dude in white hat behind you hitting balls is getting no shoulder turn and hitting some bad shots from the looks of his reactions lol Perhaps you could slide him your business card lol

Robert Prevost says:

My problem is not that I sway, but that my left leg (right-handed) bends straight ahead instead of internally rotating toward the right leg and behind the ball. When I consciously think about it, I can rotate as I am supposed to, but as soon as my mind goes to another though, such as having my belt buckle go down, rotate, and then up, my knee goes straight down rather than toward the right leg. Is there a particular drill that may help me reprogram my hip and leg turn correctly?

TrojanMars1 says:

Great tips! Kudos to the editor as well for helping emphasize your points. Thanks.

Terry Brett says:

Great video

Glenn Watson says:

I have successfully stopped swaying and my head is still. Right now I work on creating a wide back-swing. A good wide back-swing is crucial especially with the driver. The problem is I can do it on the range but I tighten up on the course.

Paul Malone says:

So is this the same with the driver ? Can you still get some up swing by keeping head still ?

T K says:

Good one Eric! Happy Easter! ??️‍♂️

swardmusic says:

Nice vid eric. Some sound dampening/carpet/furniture would be nice in that room!

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