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This video discusses how to make your backswing more powerful with three easy steps to help you create a Professional golf backswing. I discuss in the video that the importance of the backswing is load and get you ready to create rotation and power into the downswing but without an decent backswing nothing will ever improve.

This video discusses golf swings which have come into the channel offering advice on hip rotation in the golf swing. Its important to work on the correct things in the golf swing as you don't want to waste time and need to improve your golf as much as possible.

Hip rotation is a part of the golf swing which can make a huge difference to every golfer and understanding how to turn and use your hips will help you become a better and more powerful golfer.

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Golfers always want to know how to hit the golf further and how to play better golf, often searching for swing trainers, swing training aids or even looking for simple golf tips in hope they will make a huge difference to your golf game and help you break 100, 90, 80 or so on.

This video will show you in slow motion exactly what you need to do and show slow motion examples of the movements you need to achieve to have a successful golf swing.

Are you wondering how to swing the golf club on plane, how to create a simple golf swing, how to create more club head speed in your golf swing, how to hit the driver then this channel will explain all the common questions posed by amateur golfers from all over the world as I am truly trying to help golfers improve their games and get a good idea of how to swing the golf club.


As ever all of these points are applicable for senior, lady and junior golfer all alike and would also suggest all this content should be absorbed by beginner golfers too.

All golfers need to understand regardless of their type of swing or desired outcome rotation needs to exist and this video will teach you the benefits but all how to rotate the upper and lower body in the golf swing.

This video discusses how the right elbow and the right shoulder should move in the golf swing in detail so you know how to make the best changes to your game.

I also discuss one of the biggest problems with amateur golfers which is an over the top move which is caused by a right shoulder and elbow move not a over rotational movement.

Many golfers struggle with hip rotation, backswing positions and hip extensions. This video just goes over the problems many golfers face and the best thing for them to do to improve their golf swings.


Neil Marshall says:

Brilliant mate.. Question for you, regarding the amount of weight going onto your right heal on the back swing.. Iโ€™ve watched videos saying 60% but you seem to be talking a lot more than that.. Iโ€™ve only recently found you on YouTube but so far Iโ€™m finding your videos loaded with info but so clear to understand..

mabblers says:

Great video. One question thou. I was always told you should have a 60/40 balance distribution on your stance left leg, others say 50/50 and you're saying you load up on the right more like the 40/60. Oddly enough I can hit in any of these positions, but the consistency is the problem to hit good in any of them. Any recommendations? Thanks

David Ciccoritti says:

Russell, do you think that many of us recreational golfers don't get a decent rotation and don't get their head off the ball because we try too hard to keep our head on the ball during the backswing which is very difficult if you're not flexible? If I try to keep my head on the ball I almost get into a reverse pivot. Allowing my left shoulder to get to my right foot makes me feel like I've come off the ball too much.

Rob Ecker says:

Best instruction on the backswing Iโ€™ve ever seen. This will definitely improve my arc and I believe speed and consistency. Thank you!

graham jones says:

PS Ive done a lot of split-hand swings in the last year,it also helps show you how left side turns left past the ball and your right side releases to target (with hackers right side goes left!)

graham jones says:

Relevant to this video when I was a poor 11hcp I had a solid right leg,left foot stayed on the floor and I still had a massive sway! As Ive improved my left heel is or wants to come off slightly yet Im more centered with a lot less sway!

graham jones says:

As I improve at balls striking( virtually doing the opposite to what i was first told) my biggest change is that by club parallel to left arm parallel on the backswing I have loaded all my big muscles 90%, but I dont look overloaded or rotated, a lot of people might think Im resisting with my lower body but Im not Im using them strongly. Heres the controversial bit Ive also loaded/primed my right shoulder area (not my arm yet) If you dont you will instinctively try to do it at the top of backswing over the top hit at the ball.
I am basically trying to do what you do,Im sure you learnt as a young kid like most pros when the club was very heavy and you had weak arms!

graham jones says:

Remember most golfers learnt golf as adult males they were either told a 101 moves and positions they should be doing on their backswing or keep your head down,or if they were really unlucky both!

Randy Mahony says:

I find if I lift my left heel up and slam it down it helps me shift my pressure and get the knee turning forward towards
the target. Good video.

Eric Reyes says:

Love your videos. In my opinion they would be even better if you could find a way to effectively relay the same information in less time. Iโ€™m surely no expert on YouTube instructional videos, but as a consumer, about 5 minutes (7 max) is the limit of my attention span and ability to retain all of the information. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for all of the great insights. Definitely a big help for my golf game.

Ricky Nicol says:

Straight to the point with loads of great advice . Look forward to seeing more vids.

Sanjiv Khanna says:

Too good Russel! I'm 60, 8 handicap, and struggling with rotation and loss of distance. Your explanations seem to address all of the issues that I've been having – flat backswing, lack of full rotation and not enough weight on the right heel. Can't wait to get started on the range tomorrow! Many thanks.

Britt J. Rosen says:

One last question, at minute 1:46, do the hips start to turn right away? Or, do you shift on to your left foot and then turn. Can you please clarify that?

Britt J. Rosen says:

You explained the extension right after my last comment and I apologize for jumping the gun and not watching the entire video. This is an excellent video. I still would like to see more about standing up (plane) and posture as im moving around a lot in my backswing, and by standing I am coming over the top on the way down…. we will be looking forward to more videos ..Thanks again.

Britt J. Rosen says:

I like the video a lot and, and part of my trouble is with the backswing. At minute 6:47, it seems like you're standing up and your shoulder plane is very flat which is one of my problems. So, I know you're working on another concept, but what about those that have trouble with the spine tilt and keeping the tilt? Also I break down my left arm, and what about having more width in the backswing?

Harold Pohoresky says:

Leverage drill does not keep you centered in the backswing as demonstrated


Recently found your channel and I'm so far impressed, u really explained things in normal terms. I have yet to go to range and practice but looking forward. In Michigan so kind of tough. I noticed u will look at swings , I was wondering how can I submit. Thanks

paul113757 says:

Excellent lesson, I'm so glad I've only been doing it all wrong for 30 years lol.

Jim Samaras says:

I always pick a little something up with your videos Russell. You really stress the importance of a solid backswing and I've been working on the mechanics of it

john stewart says:

The more I watch your instruction, the more I understand about the swing. Itโ€™s amazing how easy and smooth my swing is becoming. Straightness and distance seem to come naturally instead of searching for them. Many Thanks.

Andysan says:

Great easy to understand & follow ?

Kadรฉr Fraser says:

Good point regarding the shaft hindering rotation when placed on the chest

Competitive Horseman says:

So many tips here Russell thank you , sssoo good thx

Jonathan Balanetsky says:

Russell, does your head move slightly when you put the weight in your left heel on the backswing?

peter a says:

Thank you for your reply. Wish I was still in Brummie where I was st univ. Unfortunately Iโ€™m now across the pond or Iโ€™d be on your doorsteps for lessons. Wishing much deserved success in 2019

Far From Par Golf Vlogs says:

Wish Iโ€™d have seen this before todayโ€™s round. I see what your doing with your left knee now I get ya ??

Ian Robertshaw says:

Hi. Have you ever posted anything on hand path in the backswing. If so can you tell me the name of it so I can search it out. Thanks.

Diego Diaz says:

Said it before and I repeat. The clearest explanation teacher on utube by a country mile……..

Jaun Park says:

Russell, youโ€™re saying that the right are pulls the left arm back on the backswing. I have found that my ball striking is far better when my left are pushes the right arm back in the backswing. Any thoughts on this?

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