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This video discusses how the upper body should move in the downswing, a lot of golfers have questions about the golf swing and often over look the importance of the how much the upper body affects your ability to not only keep the club on plane but help trigger huge amounts of rotation in the golf swing.

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People often go for swing training programs, and use training aids in hope that they can improve their golf swing. They look for tips and advice but the only way you can really improve your golf is to understand how to sequence the golf swing correctly, once you understand this then you have the have a chance to make some swing changes.

This video shows professional golf swings in slow motion, so you can clearly see exactly what needs to happen in the golf swing.

As ever this video tries to explain everything in the most basic way so you can make changes to your game and start to improve your golf.

Everything in this video can also be used for the driver too, and will help you create huge amounts of club head speed.

Finally if your a senior, junior, lady or Professional golfers these tips will help you.

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George Dawson says:

Thank you, working hard on my game and your videos and explanations are helping ?

DASH1ful says:

i thought that went out with the ark

Roy Scott says:

Great Video. I’ve been trying to start with my hip turn first and find it hard to do. Bringing the right elbow in front seems to naturally start the hips turning anyway. Can’t wait to get to the range tomorrow!

graham jones says:

If you are happy hitting it straight and 230 you can release early if you have some of Russels great lower body action

graham jones says:

Bad golfers hit at the ball with the clubhead,some better golfers throw the clubhead through the ball, good golfers throw the whole club to target!

Gatss Legacy says:

Great video thanks ;))

matthew critchley says:

Another great video.??

Rob Rider says:

Solved my issue thanks for the video

David says:

I have been chasing the post impact position forever and your explanation shows exactly how to get there. Clearing space is something I have never done, best explanation I have ever heard, many thanks!!!

Algernon Leacock says:

Very useful tip

Ian Pentz says:

Love idea of the back rib cage clearing and lower right shoulder, I add to this by doing what you said about keeping right elbow close and I front of right hip, excellent Russ!

Clouds Rain says:

This helps immensely for straight and easy sweeping impacts. Problem, time for me to tune up again and why I re watched the video. Thx Russell.

Neil Marshall says:

Brilliant ?️‍♂️

Jw.y says:

Can't express how glad and lucky I am to stumble upon your channel. Awesome contents. It really helped me out.

Jamie Meiklejohn says:

Fantastic content. The ribcage feeling helped me know i was in the right position.

stryker2828 says:

Just found this YT a week ago. Wow, made a huge difference in my game yesterday with 6 strokes off (20 hcap)! I've always wondered about the right elbow and "magic move" and I think you help me understand it better now.

I still stall at impact, resulting in flipping. Could you make a video about how to overcome this? ??
I have a mental image at P9 where left shoulder is stacked on top of right shoulder, chest facing Target and left hand still above right with clubhead marginally past the hands. My hands already have flipped by P7.5 ?

John says:

Russell I don't know if you will see this comment because you posted it in DEC. but i just got rid of over 50 videos that I have saved and will watch only yours. I have never seen or heard of a more simpler instructional video more clear than the one I have seen from you thank you very much from a loyal subscriber from now on.

Rohit Das says:

This is a very important lesson and very well explained. Difficult to achieve though. Thanks Russel.

Glanco Environmental Solutions says:

Absolutely brilliant material again @Russgolf ?

tryNtryAGAIN says:

By far one of the best YouTube coaches out there ,clear well explained and to the point .
Thank you

Terry Brett says:

Great video Russel this is the first time I've watched your video's I'm very impressed that is why I've subscribed. This is the movement I'm working on at the moment and look forward to trying this at the range.

lockers2009 says:

This video is excellent. I struggled to understand the role the torso had in the downswing in relation to transition and hip turn; the lateral right side bend with rotation has made me come unstuck in the downswing which has resulted in a nice high draw which feels effortless instead of the dreaded block shot. Rarely do YouTube instructional videos work for me, but after working on this now for a number of weeks I know it’s the reason my swing has “clicked” where I am consistently on plane. Thanks Russell.

L E says:

Wow Russel!!!!!

I have been watching golf videos for at least 4 years now and nobody explains these key points as clearly as you do. The first aha moment for me was when somebody, which I will not mention, first talked about the outward turn of the left knee as the initial point of the downswing.

This looked and felt so awkward and illogical, and yet the distortion which ensues is what generates the power that doesn´t occur unless one understands all the incredible feelings and further twisting of the body you describe with such unbelievable clarity.

You have given me the missing links I required to perfect this masterful craft. Performing it is another story but you have empowered us with the knowledge to know what we need to strive for.


Mark Cooke says:

First time I've watched your channel, excellent instruction, detailed but clear, best I've seen.

Rj Beck says:

Best drill ever: take a mid iron, play the ball way up, inside your lead heel.

Setup with massive spine tilt away from the target.

Hit the ball, you’ll already be reaching for the ball, but it will give you a feel for extending the arms through impact with an open chest.

Baxy85 says:

Thanks Russel, I wish I had discovered your channel earlier. You’re explanation of the golf swing is superb, and extremely helpful. Keep up the great content!!

Dre says:

damn I needed this so much. I'm guilty of all these movement issues.

Irvin Lee says:

wait do you advocate trail elbow moving in front of hips first then hip rotation? or vice versa?

joe blow says:

thank you from canada.. we can only golf 5 months a year here. so over winter we forget some fundementals.. great channel .great teacher. thanks.

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